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DNA Casts Doubt on Hitler Suicide Story


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  • DNA Casts Doubt on Hitler Suicide Story

    (Sept. 28) - New DNA tests show that a skull long thought to be Adolf Hitler's is not his after all. Scientists at the University of Connecticut conducted tests on the bullet-pierced skull -- which had been secretly preserved for decades by Soviet intelligence -- and discovered that it belonged to an unidentified woman under 40, the British newspaper The Guardian reported Sunday.
    The results cast doubt on the long-held account that the Nazi dictator swallowed a cyanide pill and then committed suicide in his Berlin bunker as Allied forces were closing in on him in 1945. The story of the testing was also reported in a History Channel documentary, "Hitler's Escape."

    University of Connecticut archaeologist and bone specialist Nick Bellantoni knew from the outset that something was amiss. "The bone seemed very thin; male bone tends to be more robust," he said. "And the sutures where the skull plates come together seemed to correspond to someone under 40." Hitler had turned 56 in 1945.
    Bellantoni had flown to Moscow to inspect the skull and was given one hour to take DNA samples. The testing was conducted in Connecticut.
    According to the Guardian, the skull fragment was the only positive physical proof that Hitler had shot himself. So who does the skull belong to?
    According to witnesses, Hitler committed suicide with his mistress Eva Braun. Their bodies were then wrapped in blankets and carried to a bomb crater outside the Berlin bunker, doused with gas and set on fire. But Bellantoni doesn't think the skull belongs to her.
    "There is no report of Eva Braun having shot herself or having been shot afterwards. It could be anyone. Many people were killed around the bunker area," he said.

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    I saw this on History channel....good show. The show covers the last day of Hitler and how wrong all of the reports were of his death. They show how no one could have possibly heard any gunshot and it is possible he did not die in the bunker.

    They also talk about how the USSR screwed things up when they first entered Berlin....SMERSH was so afraid of Stalin they were willing to use any body and say it was Hitler (hence the body double originally ID'd as Hitler).

    If you get a chance, watch it, it is part of the Mystery Quest series of shows.
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      Im definitely going to have to check that one out, sounds very interesting.


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        Well- there you go. Here we all thought he was dead.

        He has probably been living in France all these years. I'm sure if he goes into Switzerland, they'll arrest him.

        Then we can have Whoopi on TV saying, "I know it wasn't genocide-genocide. It was something else but I don't believe it was genocide-genocide. He went to a bunker and and when he realized he lost the war he was like, 'You know what, these guys going to give me a hundred years in jail. I'm not staying.' So that's why he left."
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          A very interesting show.


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