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Protest brews over Cheney center at Univ. of Wyo.


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  • Protest brews over Cheney center at Univ. of Wyo.

    I don't see what's the big deal, kind of like the speech...

    Protest brews over Cheney center at Univ. of Wyo.

    By MEAD GRUVER, Associated Press Writer Mead Gruver, Associated Press Writer – Tue Sep 8, 5:51 pm ET

    CHEYENNE, Wyo. – A decision by the University of Wyoming to name a new center for international students for former Vice President Dick Cheney is drawing criticism from people who say Cheney's support for the Iraq war and harsh interrogation techniques should disqualify him from the distinction.

    The former vice president and wife Lynne are expected to attend Thursday's dedication of the new Cheney International Center on the Laramie campus.

    Protesters plan to be there, too.

    The center is funded in part with $3.2 million the Cheneys donated to the university in several installments while he was vice president.

    The university's decision to name the center after Cheney, a former Wyoming congressman, prompted a petition that collected more than 150 signatures. The petition said polices of the Bush administration were "very controversial" and the name will affect how people perceive the center.

    Cheney's support for harsh interrogations — torture, some say — is one reason to oppose naming the center after him, said Suzanne Pelican, who began circulating the petition a year ago.

    Pelican also criticized the Bush administration's "go it alone" strategy when several U.S. allies opposed the invasion of Iraq and didn't participate in the war.

    "We feel that by naming it the Cheney International Center, that the programs and UW can't avoid being identified with that ideology and that approach to global politics that the Bush-Cheney administration championed," Pelican said Tuesday.

    Pelican is an extension educator in the university's College of Agriculture who plans to peacefully protest during the dedication.

    A phone message left with Cheney's assistant Lucy Tutwiler wasn't immediately returned.

    A state program matched the Cheneys' $3.2 million gift with $3.2 million in state funding. The university spent $3 million to renovate and expand an existing building for the center.

    A total of $3.4 million has been allocated for scholarships for students to study overseas.

    Another Laramie resident opposed to the name is Nancy Sindelar, with the group Veterans For Peace.

    "Mr. Cheney is not the best example of demonstrating how nations should get along with each other," said Sindelar, who is retired. "Putting his name on an international center is counterintuitive."

    Sindelar's group opposes the Iraq war, and its Wyoming chapter has held weekly protests in Laramie since before the war began.

    On Thursday, Sindelar plans to be part of a march to Prexy's Pasture, the campus quadrangle where the dedication ceremony will be held. Demonstrators don't plan to disrupt the ceremony but will be visible, she said.

    University President Tom Buchanan defended the naming decision in a recent opinion piece in the Casper Star-Tribune, writing "tolerance and diversity cut many ways," and the new center will benefit students.

    "Whether you are Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, Catholic or Protestant, gay or straight, white or black, you are welcome at the University of Wyoming. Should we subject potential donors and the purpose of their gift to public referendum? I think not," Buchanan wrote.

    The international center shares a building with the university's student health center and will have offices for university staff members who work with international students.

    Students also will be able to hang out there, said university spokeswoman Jessica Lowell.

    "This is a place where international students can come and watch soccer if they want to. There's a lounge for them," Lowell said.

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    He's a UW alumi, and he's supported the college with tons of cash...let'em put his name up there.
    ...hunter of the shadows is rising...


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      If Clinton can have a library in Arkansas then Cheney can have this thing.

      Honestly people if you don't like the name of the building just don't go in or close your eyes on the way to the building.
      This show is awesome, wrapped in supercool and smothered in bitchin. The only way it could be cooler is if he was riding a unicorn or something.



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        Naming colleges and buildings for donors has been an American tradition since 1639, when John Harvard willed his library and half his estate to the Colony of Massachusetts. Given the speed with which Vice Presidents slip into obscurity, any unhappiness will soon pass.


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          They need to just give the man a building and call it a day. If they are that upset to the point that they cannot stand seeing his name on a building, then they might want to just switch schools. I would ask them, how is a name on a building going to affect their education. Someone on campus need to have a sit down reality conversation with the protesters.
          Young people will change the old wicked ways of the past.sigpic


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            This is just an example of some on the left being stupid. Cheney is an alumnus, a donor, and a former Vice President. It is perfectly appropriate for them to name a building for him.


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              Wow. 150 signatures??!?!?!!!??!! WOW!

              It's a concensus!

              My boy Dick is a Wyoming son and we're proud as hell of the man. His grasp of foreign policy, terror and military tactics is second to none. He served five presidents, served in the Wyoming legislature and the Congress and as others have pointed out, has given umpteen gazillions to U of W.

              He gets a building. It actually very nice - been in it.

              Get some brother Dick.
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                Blah...let them whine....any Pres and VP should be allowed to have there name on something from either the town they came from or the college they went to. I could care less, it is a name...

                This is pure partisan politics at play.


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                  I don't care that they are naming a building after him, big deal, why not let them do it. But, I also don't mind that people are protesting. Its their right and an American priviledge, good for them. And lets remember, this is a university. People tend to be more idealistic and ready to fight for their 'cause'. Just like some people protested Obama speaking at Notre Dame, this is along the same lines of the college-crowds feistiness and willingness to stand up, agree or not with their message...


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                    The only difference is that Obama should not have been invited to Notre Dame. His stance on abortion shows how radical he is.


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                      Thier "cause " is garbage.

                      He has done more in the service of his country than those that protest him will, for sure.

                      10-42 T hit the nail on the head. The current crop of garbage in the house and Senate arent fit to wipe the mud from his boots.


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                        Originally posted by Seahawks398 View Post
                        The only difference is that Obama should not have been invited to Notre Dame. His stance on abortion shows how radical he is.
                        It's kind of silly to label a point of view that is shared by about half the country as "radical"

                        Anywho, about the building I think they ought to name the thing after him. He is a donor and he is an influential alumnus. Whether you like or hate him he undeniably wielded more power from the office of vice president than any other vice president and that alone puts him in the history books. That said other alumnus, students, faculty, and staff very much so have the right to object. I don't necessarily think the man is a war criminal but there are those who do and I understand why they would not want a building on their campus named after a person they consider a war criminal. I'm just looking forward to what some of the members on this forum have to say in 10 years when things are getting named after Obama.
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                          They will say.............. "Oh no, the antichrist is here America, We The People, wakeup he is the devil" etc etc etc etc
                          Young people will change the old wicked ways of the past.sigpic


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                            If they change the name, they should give the Cheneys their money back, and raise tuition to pay for it.
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                              Originally posted by Outshined
                              Non entity, no one cares, the stuff you spew out is just bells and whistles, and could've been posted by the NY times.
                              HEY! I've been wondering where you were! I always enjoyed you following me around the forum, reading all my post then saying how nobody would ever want to post...that you just read...and responded to. I've missed you man


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