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About Ike?? You know....the hurricane??


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  • About Ike?? You know....the hurricane??

    The main event down in Texas, and not one post. Many lives may be in danger. Those who neglected to evacuate.


    By air, boat and truck, search on for Ike victims


    Debris is seen scattered across Highway 146 on a bridge leading from Kemah to Seabrook, Saturday, Sept. 13, 2008, in Kemah, Texas, after Hurricane Ike moved through the area. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

    HOUSTON (AP) — Rescuers in boats, helicopters and high-water trucks set out across the flood-stricken Texas coast Saturday in a monumental effort to reach tens of thousands of people who stubbornly ignored warnings of "certain death" and tried to ride out Hurricane Ike.

    The storm roared ashore hours before daybreak with 110 mph winds and towering waves, smashing houses, flooding thousands of homes, blowing out windows in Houston's skyscrapers, and cutting off power to more than 3 million people, perhaps for weeks.

    By evening, it appeared that Ike was not the single calamitous stroke that forecasters had feared. But the full extent of the damage — or even a rough sense of how many people may have perished — was still unclear, in part because many roads were impassable.

    Some authorities feared that this could instead become a slow-motion disaster, with thousands of victims trapped in their homes, waiting for days to be rescued...


    '...Ronnie Sharp, 65, and his terrier-mix Princess, had to be rescued from his trailer in Orange County when water reached his knees. "I was getting too many snakes in the house, otherwise I would have stayed," Sharp said. He said he lost everything in the flood but his medicine and some cigarettes...'


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    Probably nothing about it in this section because it really have anything to do with politics (not yet anyway). Pretty sure there's a thread or two in Off-Duty though, maybe some others.


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      Umm is this the cue to say "It's George Bush's fault"...


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        Originally posted by Southflaguy View Post
        Umm is this the cue to say "It's George Bush's fault"...

        ps. I got a shiver when the man mentioned 'too many snakes' in the house.
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          I heard someone on the radio yesterday saying that many decided to ride it out because back when Rita hit it didn't turn out to be nearly as bad as initially forecast, but 110 people died during the evacuation. They figured that if they stayed, the odds were still in their favor.


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            Can a LEO from the Houston area confirm this missive?



            Date: Wednesday, 17 September 2008, 6:47 p.m.

            What with eight million folks without lights, some without water or sewage, eight thousand workers from thirty-one states descended on the Galveston Greater Houston area along with millions of locals who are working together setting things straight! The founding fathers of this great nation are smiling from ear to ear.

            Television stations broacast daily on radio without commercials giving: weather, traffic information, locations of grocers and gas stations open, location of FEMA's PODs (Point of Distribution) with ice water some with MREs and water.

            The few grocers that are open are mostly dark ... long lines ... people cutting in line ... nothing refrigerated ... no batteries, bread ... peanut butter ... jam ... no ice. Some walking out doors loaded down and not paying.

            Some merchants not taking plastic of any kind ... cash only and if the bill is $1.20 they charge $2.00 ... will not make change.

            Very few gas stations with generators ... price for some went from $3.49 to $4.99 ... lines literally 2-3 miles long parked along roads.
            Gas shortage in many states.

            Many land lines work ... wireless dead ... many cell lines commandeered by FEMA ... others dead.
            Long lines buying electric generators ... some use them in garage ... bad news.

            Curfews ignored ... some few speed through intersection ... lots of sirens - fire, police, ambulances ... some of criminal element have gone to other cities creating problems.

            Asked to stay home and shelter in place being 90-miles north of Galveston our wind was just over 75 mph ... lost electric for 5-days ... wife upset by wind ... no major problems.

            Gustav was pointing to Galveston and Houston for a week before landfall but the great number of people chose to look the other way failing to make a bare minimum of preperations. Instead they had a strong social desire to wait in long lines with fellow humans. Hundreds are still evacuating Galveston even today while others are not allowed back.

            I'm left with an attitude of gratitude...

            Somewhat angry, upset, and very sad for the future of the WORLD as it looks the other way and ignores its brewing storm.

            Be at Peace, Younge.


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              "President Bush hates Black People" - Kanye West.


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                Originally posted by Stormy View Post
                You know, full well, it was Obama working the HAARP controls

                Oh God......



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                  Originally posted by Hoosier_Boy View Post
                  "President Bush hates Black People" - Kanye West.
                  I don't get it. Where do these out of the blue racial comments come from?


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