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Palin To Be President 2011; Or So Says Astrology


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  • Palin To Be President 2011; Or So Says Astrology

    Put down your newspaper horoscope, and take another sip of coffee. This is for the hard-core astrological follwers. You know who you are? The crystal ball in the trunk of your cruiser. Enjoy the read.


    SARAH PALIN US President by 2011 ?
    by StClair

    Then I was asked why I feel based on astrology Palin would be President by 2011. Follow me through the astro-logic please, and see what you feel. Use your own divination techniques.

    She was born FEBRURAY 11, 1964 (probably with Leo rising but time unclear) in Sandpoint Idaho, with as many as five planets in Aquarius (Mercury, New moon, Sun, Mars, and Saturn) and two planets in Aries, one of which is Venus at Aries One, the zero point of the zodiac, which is being squared and activated now by Pluto and soon by summer 2010 and spring 2011 also by Uranus passing in to that zero point and thus creating a massive two to three years long standing trigger. Jupiter will also pass Aries One in 2010.

    While in fact Saturn will oppose Aries from Libra in 2010. The grand square will be established in early August 2010. Watch for an explanation of this my words and Kerry's in the FUTURE-TALK II video conversation I had with Kerry and Bill, where I showed the chart for summer 2010.

    Her birth stellium in Aquarius - consisting of Mars Sun and Saturn - is a heavy weight stellium (talk about responsibility taking at an early age) placed in the later part of Aquarius which is visited now by Neptune and Chiron for about two years, and so this is a much visited zone in her chart. her Saturn at birth shows a person who is in it for the long haul, and so, my guess is she would be a long serving President once she takes over from McCain.

    Neptune and Chiron conjunctions are rare as is, and to have them pass over a birth stellium is a one in a life time event if that. It is life changing to be sure in one way or another. There is a potential here for her to be at times misunderstood. It is also indicative of her changing her mind on many fundamental issues. Which is rare for an Aquarian to do, who are usually quite set in their worldviews.

    Why McCain will be elected? His Virgo planets are equally activated now, but my feeling is her chart takes an unusual precedence over his own. Therefore my opinion, after looking at this from several angles is that on November 4th, when Uranus and Saturn oppose for the first of five times during a Capricorn moon day and night, the people are more likely to vote for an older man, and for a team that represents a more defined change. Saturn represents the older man McCain, whereas Uranus actually now represents the mutliple Aquarian Palin more so than the Obama-Brzezinski candidacy.

    As the election is over the moon moves in to Aquarius, highlighting her sign, and be aware the USA chart is also Aquarius moon and has her stellium closest to it, so one could say she embodies the then current mood of the people on the night 4-5 Nov 2008.

    I could of course be proven wrong. But finally the element that makes me trust this prediction even more is the fact that according to my own research Looking Glass technology foresaw a woman President in the near future years, this would seem now to be the case, and astrology would very clearly favor Palin of all candidates mostly.

    Then I was asked about my opinion on all this, and I really have no opinion. Myjob is just to see what is going on and to stay in observer mode.

    I do some research of course. I know that Palin was preselected as VP pick for the independent Libertarian Ron Paul had he been able to run. So my understanding is that Palin who actually does have some experience in governing (more so at least than either mcCain or Obama) has been leaning all along towards a third party solution but had to hide this within the ticket of being republican.

    Fact is also one week after she emerged on the scene that she blitzed the entire elite landscape with a massive surprise, consistent with Saturn and Sun position on August 28/29 and Sept 4th. The heavy planets were close to her birth PLUTO, giving her a new stature and direction and purpose in life. All this already shows to match her chart.

    The Neptune effect: She has (as a former TV personality) a great deal of media savvy and her delivery of her addresses in the past days have shown clearly how she works with the transit Neptune on her Aquarian birth planets.

    Uranus stops at the Pisces Degree Sabian Symbol "A Master instructing his disciple."

    Of concern to me is the passage of Neptune and Chiron later in 2009 and 2010 on her Mars and Saturn of birth, always´indicative of the "Dark Night of the Soul." This can also spell into hard to diagnose illnesses, disillusionment, issues with internal belief systems and a general aimlessness and hopelessness... yes, and I have seen this constellation applied in many of my clients born in 1963-64, as it catches all, but it catches her massively due to the fact she has 3 planets at birth in the 23-25 Aquarius bandwidth - which is the sector both Neptune and Chiron are now approaching for the coming two years.

    The trigger in timing is set for 2010-11 when Uranus enters Aries and passes her birth Venus, and then also her progressed sun (she is now a progressed Aries) and pluto simultaneously squares that position by 90 degrees, and so it is quite thnkeable that she will indeed replace McCain at some stage, maybe during his first term should he be elected to go to the White House, and this is why I feel confident with this prediction.

    I would like to add here, exclusively for the benefit of this forum as I have not done this on my web site, that i interpret the passage of Uranus-square Pluto and opposed by Saturn in 2010 onto her birth Venus as potentially very disruptive in her ability to relate to her own inner world. It can also have an effect on how she is liked or perceived by then.

    I dare not to make a prediction as to her personal life, but clearly she will want to break free of all restrictions imposed on her by July-August 2010. how this will pan out we shall see, and i wish not to put words onto this alignment, other than to say the obvious, It is a very harsh alignment and long standing in duration, and very stressful for any one who lives through it.

    I know what i am talking about since I have Venus placed at birth three degrees further than she has it, in other words we have conjunct Venus at birth, which might help me feel more into her inner world.

    Someone born with Venus in earliest Cardinal degrees of Aries and a planet in the 22-25 Aquarius zone is called upon to break with traditions by 2010 and and has no choice but to win what one gets involved in. It is a very self-centered alignment where self empowerment is all there is to it. This alignment is not bad at all, it is what it is in 2010: All or Nothing!

    Having this point (Aries 1-5) attacked and challenged by three heavy weight and outer planets at once (Pluto, Uranus, Saturn) is a massive and once every few life times event. Jupiter passes Aries One together with Uranus in 2010. So 2010 promises to be the year in which Palin will rise and shine. Jupiter favors Palin from early 2009 all the way to end of 2010 when it actually makes its return on her birth jupiter in Aries.

    Other techniques, apart from mathematics of time, and other advisors of mine tend to see the same results and asked me if mathematics could confirm this.

    Furthermore, when we progress her birth chart to the moment of the swearing in ceremony, we see she receives the benefit of JUPITER for all of 2009 onto her Aquarian planets, and so it is becoming more and more of a probability that she would in any event become a media personality, in 2009, and we see the precursors of this trend now.

    Michael St.Clair

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    Originally posted by Stormy View Post
    I know that Palin was preselected as VP pick for the independent Libertarian Ron Paul had he been able to run.
    This is the line that stuck out to me. Does anyone know if there's any truth to this?


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      Originally Posted by Stormy View Post
      I know that Palin was preselected as VP pick for the independent Libertarian Ron Paul had he been able to run.
      Originally posted by velobard View Post
      This is the line that stuck out to me. Does anyone know if there's any truth to this?
      You're the first to make mention of that line. It's one of the main reasons I posted it the article.


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        Originally posted by Stormy View Post
        You're the first to make mention of that line. It's one of the main reasons I posted it the article.
        So do I win a prize?


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          I don't think so!


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