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Barack Obama on O'Reilly Factor


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    Originally posted by RCKoutWurGLKout View Post
    You must not have watched the same interview, because I saw O'Reilly give him plenty of chances to respond. Politics, in their golden times, also didn't rely on the "good looks" factor of a candidate. It wasn't nearly as...well...political. I agree, anyone being interviewed should be able to give their two cents worth, but if you fail to give an answer to the question, whether on tv, or in a court-room, don't you ask the same question, and ask for a firm response, rather than a watered down, beat-around-the-bush, dodge? Not that I feel like Obama was dodging, but you make it sound like I think he was. I also said that I like to watch all the networks, because each is biased (albeit Fox news is by fair the most central from what I've witnessed) to some degree.
    Lol, FOX News is one of the most biased. Lets just get that clear. If its the station you choose to watch the most, thats fine, because all networks have bias to them. But to say FOX News is the most central is wrong. Sorry...

    And I stand by what I say with O'Reilly. I saw bits and pieces of the interview and O'Reilly actually gave Obama more respect and courtesy than he does most guest. I believe O'Reilly did a sit-down with Hilary and he was the same there so, maybe he doesn't mess with the big-fish as much...


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