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    So, as I watch clips and shots from the DNC in Denver, I have a number of thoughts, and I know there are others around who have thoughts/feelings/opinions on what they're seeing and hearing.

    Here are some of my thoughts:

    First, the theme for the DNC seems to be "unity" rather then "change." All you hear in speeches (next to McCain's name) is how "unified" the democratic party is. Who are they trying to convince? Sounds like they're playing damage control, and IMHO, the convention is not the place to do it...

    Next, McCain. I understand wanting to mention your opponent, but there's no need to sell his "evilness" at your own party. It's starting to come off (to me at least) as a "reminder" and almost sounds (to me) like he has them really scared. If I'm having a shindig such as the convention, I would want the night to be solely about me, not about my competitor...

    Those are just two of my thoughts...

    Anyone else want to share with the group?
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    To be honest most of the political convention/"parties" are boring, this is no different...To me the main theme seems to be that Barack is the 1st black presidental nominee...You see people crying and stuff...When I see Hillary it's almost like she knows Obama is going to lose...She's going to try and learn from Obama's mistakes, that way in 2012 when Hillary runs again she'll know what to avoid and what not to...

    Hey, I thought Kanye West and John Legand were going to perform?...That's it I'm voting McCain...


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      The reason they have to stress unity is because there are so many Hillary supporters that swear they're gonna vote for McCain just because they're angry that she didnt get the nomination.


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        The deaf, leading the blind. It's pathetic to watch. Especially the the BS endorsements by the Hilldabest and Slick Willie.

        True enough, it was moving and historic to see the first half-white and half-black man nominated to lead his party. I was glad to see we as a nation have fin ally gotten past this stupid hurdle.

        I'm just sad it had to be THIS guy - and not someone worthy of the honor, like Condy or Colin Powell. Barack Hussein Obama (not Osama) isn't even worthy of sweeping the floor when the party is over - and yet, he is "The One."

        Good grief.
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