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Should reporters be protected from revealing their sources?


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    How long can a judge,State or Federal sentence someone for contempe of court for not revealing their sources,or refusing to answer the Judges Question,and will the person serve the sentence in county lockup or federal lockup?????????


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      In this case, the reporter is in lockup until the grand jury's investigation is complete.


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        One Question: Are you protected from revealing your sources?
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          The way I see it is the actual crime being committed was that the identity/confidential material were revealed to the press. In other words the press them self played a role in the direct crime which was being investigated.

          Even the fact that Judith Miller did not write a story on the matter does not keep it from becoming an offense. The offense was the communication to an outsider without clearance not the story itself. Furthermore if she did not report the story then she can not claim to be a journalist. You can't have it both ways.

          In that regards it is very different then a journalist simply reporting a crime and knowing the source to be a criminal. In that case the direct crime would be separate from the communication with the reporter. It is not illegal to communicate with a criminal nor is it illegal to not report a criminal act to the authorities.


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            Originally posted by Stan Switek
            As a general rule, I support reporters protecting their sources. However, in this case an operational CIA agent was identified. Completely unacceptable. I can't support this in matters of national security.
            Only problem is that Plame was not an "operative" - she was an analyst that was pulled out of the field long before this happened.
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              Isn't ironic that if you accuse me of stalking you and I'm arrested for it, I have a legal right to know who you are.

              But if you tell a reporter I like to have sex with wild animals and it makes the news, all of a sudden you're "protected"?
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                If the source committed a crime by revealing the information, or if as a result of the information others are being charged with a crime, I say yes they should be forced to identify their source.
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