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WTS - Assorted patrol vehicle blue lights


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  • WTS - Assorted patrol vehicle blue lights

    All lights are lightly used, and a couple are literally brand new and still in the plastic. Sale prices are pretty firm but not set in stone, based on shipping/PayPal fees. If you don't have an account it's easy to set up. I work in the Atlanta Metro area and I'd be happy to meet locals to save the hassle. I have pictures and some video available by email/text. PM if you have specifc questions (wear/tear, more pictures, etc. ) If you want to know anything else just ask.

    For Sale:

    Whelen LINZ6 Super LED Lighthead (PAIR) B/B - $150

    SoundOff LED3 Mini Light 2B and 2C I would like to keep the four of these lights together. I ran 1 blue and 1 clear on both sides of the push bumper. They are very bright affordable lights. They did wonders when approaching and crossing intersections. Paperwork included - All four for $150

    Strobes N More E6 Next Gen LED B/C (SINGLE OR PAIR) Very bright split lightheads. I ran one on each side of the cage for more side protection. They can be mounted outside of the vehicle as well with the appropriate housing. Dimming functional. Single - $50 - Pair - $110

    Strobes N More E66 Series Warning/Traffic LED Stick B/B/C/C/B/B - Very bright. This was mounted in the rear windshield but can also be a deck light. It can be mounted inside or outside of any vehicle. Dimming functional. I bought this when you could still order custom color set ups, which the company no longer offers. $225

    Strobes N More Next Gen Triple Threat B/C/B - Can be used as a dash or deck light, includes light shield. Single - $110 - Pair - $220

    Strobes N More E91 LED Blue Hideaways - $75 for the pair

    Code 3 Extreme Quad 3 head LED B/B/B/B - Brand new still in the plastic - $230

    Code 3 X6 Interior Dash/Deck Light - I have four of these single lights in blue - $80 each - I have one brand new still in the plastic in amber - $120

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    If I put these on my car, and pull people over, it makes me a cop right?1?1?11?1??

    Good luck with the sale
    Originally posted by Iowa #1603
    Your logic defies logic
    Originally posted by Rudy8116
    Blah blah blah, cops don't need camo, something something something, why do police need armored vehicles, angry rant angry rant angry rant let's take them all away, angry masturbation.
    Originally posted by Michigan
    Arresting someone is fun, but playing with my pecker is still more fun.
    Originally posted by TheTick
    A pallet of Cheetos and pictures of my cock are inbound.
    Originally posted by TheTick
    This gangsta *** mother ****er was twisting trees with dank nuggs while in his crib.
    Originally posted by 02paul09
    Being a cop these days in an officer safety issue


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