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need a couple basketweave & other items: (& I'm paying, not the dept)


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  • need a couple basketweave & other items: (& I'm paying, not the dept)

    Hoping someone might've switched types of gear, or just has pity... I have to provide all my own gear.

    NEEDED: (all in basketweave. Mirage or the fake stuff ok)
    • Mini-mag light holder (the original little light, not the fancy new ones)
    • Small (mk III) OC spray case
    • Leatherman-type tool case (Remington brand, probably same size as Gerber?)

    And here is stuff I'd really *like* but not as urgently needed. I've shrunk out of some of my current gear (belt, vest)
    • Basketweave Ranger belt, 2.25" (black) size 38 or 36
    • vest that is flexible enough for a female 12.5"
    • black vest carrier at least 28 in" front bottom--to be altered for current vest
    • basketweave cell phone case for the older (not flip) small Nokias (the kind you can change the face plate)
    • high cap. mags for Glock 23
    • clip on cuff pouch, (i.e. ripoffs) &/or mag/OC pouch

    I realize this is a long shot. I am trying to watch Ebay too. Feel free to link to a good auction, I'm never sure I've searched right! I am VERY much on a budget.

    Have pity on a poor Reserve.

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    I do have a OC case somewhere here if your interested.
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      I've got an Uncle Mike's Mirage Basketweave belt. It has their "triple retention buckle" instead of the santa claus buckle. It is size large (36-42). I wore it ONE day, so it is virtually brand new.

      Drop me a PM if you're interested.
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        i have a basketweave holster for a Sig P228/9 and fits glock 19/23. its a Bianchi Grabber. Also have a radio holder and semi new cuff case, not rip off tho. PM me if interested
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          hay guys, thanks. Some PM's should be on the way later tonight. Haven't had a day off since the beginning of last month (beginning of new job) and only online sporadically.

          But other than shooting, I have a DAY OFF today. Hopefully catch up some tonight!



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            Ebay man, Ebay. Many of the officers sell their stuff that they've grown out of on Ebay for cheap. You can get a whole rig for 50$ sometimes.
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