I have for sale some Safariland Duty Gear. This stuff is barely used. I was going to use it at my PT reserve job, but that department preferred I carry my Glock 22 instead. So this stuff is just collecting dust.

Both are in STX tactical finish. The holster is a level III ALS holster w/ SLS hood and ALS guard. It has been modified to correct what I consider a design flaw. The model from the factory requires that when you release the ALS, that you have to re-position your thumb to deactivate the manual safety of a 1911. I tweaked it a little with a Dremel so you can disengage the ALS then continue the sweeping motion to disengage the manual safety all in one motion. Disengaging the ALS leaves your thumb right on the safety allowing you to leave it or deactivate it in the same motion.

The holster is for all Commander and Government size 1911s with or without a rail, including Sig Sauer 1911s. I carried both a Kimber and a Sig Scorpion in this holster. This does not support weapon mounted lights.

The magazine carrier is a slim-line triple magazine pouch. It is hardly used.

Both items are in excellent condition and anxious to find a new home. Asking $100.00 for both, including USPS Priority Mail shipping. Paypal only. Thanks for looking.