FLIR i3 infrared camera with hard case and accessories. This is the actual FLIR model, not the cheaper Extech.

$700 including CONUS shipping.

I originally bought this to check my 130-year-old house for drafts, missing insulation, etc. But I also realized I could use it on-duty. I've used it to search river banks for missing persons, check for people hiding in forests, seeing at a distance (and in the dark) how many people occupied a vehicle, among other things. Under some circumstances, you can even see the heat left from footprints.

It has a built-in lens cover that you just flip closed, and a lanyard, so you can just close the lens cover and sling it over your baton if you need your hands free.

I'm selling because I want to upgrade. This has been immaculately cared for - always stored in its hard case, never exposed to moisture, mud, dirt, etc. Even when I used it on-duty I was always very careful with it.


FLIR hard-case for i3
Lock for hard-case
2 GB Micro SD card with Mini SD and SD adapters
Case for SD cards/adapters
USB Cable
AC Adapter
DC Adapter
CD with manuals
All original paper documentation

Manufacturer's Specifications:

IR Image Resolution - 3,600 pixels (60 x 60)
Thermal Sensitivity - <0.15°C @25°C
Optimized Temperature Range - From --4 to 482°F (--20 to 250°C) for electrical, industrial and building applications
± 2% Accuracy - reliable temperature measurement with thermal sensitivity of 0.1°C helps you find problems faster and easier -- critical for condition monitoring of thermally sensitive targets
Extremely lightweight - Resulting in less user fatigue (13 ounces)
Easy-to-use - Pocket sized and fully automatic design makes it incredibly easy-to-use even for first time users -- perfect for general purpose use
Focus free lens - For convenient viewing
High Resolution Color LCD - 2.8" (71mm)
Double Molded Design - Rugged design with easy grip handle construction meets IP43 dust/ splashproof standards
Measurement Modes - All models - Spot (center)
Thumbnail Image Gallery - Allows quick search of stored images
Li-Ion Rechargable Battery - lasts >4hrs continuous use; replaceable