$750.00 shipped, ADULT signature required with insurance for $750.00 via USPS.

Paypal only. You pay all the fees depending on your payment method. In other words, the funds you send must show me with $750.00. In general, payment owed or gift results in fewest fee's. I will gladly send you a copy of my city ID with the unit if you request it.

Other payment methods ARE possible however its my discretion, if you insist.

I purchased the unit sometime in 2009 ( I think! ) with my own money ( this is NOT government property ) from GT DISTRIBUTORS in Austin TX. My agency did not have enough of them for several years, and I wanted my own, vs some POS that may not work. I paid over 1300$ for this combo. My city issues these to everyone now and I just dont need to keep this in my safe anymore. It would be better put to good use.

Never been wet ( Since It was my money, I took it off my belt in the rain! ) never been dropped, hit anyone with it or fondled inappropriately.

The camera was purchased in 2010. These list for $450+.

Other items included not in the picture:

battery ( Flush mount ) showing 85%.
Tasercam Chargeer and USB cord/software/box.

The newer SYNC software does work with this camera.

** If I can find my original holster, I will include it. However I have not been able to find it.

NO TASER CARTRIDGE INCLUDED - The one shown on the pictures is for reference only

NO DAMAGE. Laser/light works fine.

Do not ask me to remove the camera from this sale. This is a package deal, no exceptions. The camera is actually quite useful for your protection in court.

I will NOT ship this device to you unless you send me a copy of your scanned credentials. The sale of these items are tracked by dealers and TASER and I must have a way to show who it was sold to since the serial number is on file at my department as well as the in-state dealer. Especially if it goes to a state like NY, CA, or DC.

More photos are possible for interested parties.

( This item is listed in another forum, just FYI )