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  • Patch trading black list?

    Is there a LE patch trading black list? You know a list of guys that say they will trade patches with you so you send them one of yours and then you never hear from them again. I just recently sent a patch to VA. State Trooper and he never sent me one in return. I emailed him a bunch and he never responded to me. Totally stiffed me. I even told him to just send me my patch back if he didn't want to trade but he never did so I would like to post his name to such a list in case anyone else is thinking of trading with him so they can beware. Also I would love to check a list like that myself before trading from now on. Does such a web site or list exist?

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    I would say that you have good reason to post this person's name.
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      I am going to email him one more time before posting his name here but his website is listed here. To be fair he told me that his kid was sick and he would get back to me in a few days when he felt better. Fine except that was a year ago and I have the same email address and I have emailed him since then asking to please come through with the trade. I find it hard to believe that his kid could still be sick and so sick that he could not put a patch in an envelope with a stamp? For a year? Anyting is possible though so I will send him another email and see if he just "forgot".

      Anyway to post his name here was not my intention. My intention was to find out if there is a "global" black list so that I could check in the future before trading with someone.

      I mean if you don't want to trade with me fine. If you would like one of my patches and you don't want to send me one of yours fine. You can even ask me that. But I don't think it is kind to ask someone to send you their patch and promise them that you will send them one of yours and then just not not do it. The least a person could do if you no longer wish to trade patches is send them their patch back. I mean the NYPD doesn't give us these patches. I have to pay for them and if you are not going to give me one of yours then you should give me it back so that I may trade it with someone who will.

      Sadly I have learned my lesson. That was thew first and last time I trade on the internet because I will not send anyone anything until they send me one of theirs first and since they will likely do likewise then I will probably never trade again unless in person.

      The only reason I even thought about it is because a VA state patch is hard to come by since they are a very difficult bunch of guys to get to know. I have been to many police get togethers all over the country and I have yet to see VA. state troopers hanging out with anyone other than VA. state troopers. As a matter of fact it is rare to see them anywhere at all. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure they are a nice bunch of guys, just not the very brotherhood social scene type. There are certain departments you see at every get together and they are very friendly.


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        I have felt your irritation myself, so I understand. I get so frustrated when someone doesn't follow through on what they say they are going to do.
        I haven't really traded patches - mostly because I only have one or two extra of my dept, and nothing else exciting. I waited for their patch to come before sending mine out because I KNEW I could trust me to follow through.
        What ones do you have? I find it intriguing that people can get so many. I have like 4 and that's it.
        If you really want something in life you have to work for it. Now quiet, they're about to announce the lottery numbers. -- Homer Simpson


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          I think that posting an officer's name is best left for a restricted area, only, please....let's remember that the scumbags can read this too.
          Also...I am sooooooooooo damn guilty of forgetting to send patches. Seeing this just reminded me to drop one in the mail. (Sorry, Warrior...I told you to keep kicking my butt!)
          Honestly...some people just aren't as good at the snail mail stuff. I am a perfect example of that. I have to put about a thousand post its everywhere before I remember to do something. It really isn't meant to be direspectful to the person that sent me a patch. In a perfect world, I would sit right down and address one as soon as I received one. But, c'mon...you folks with rug-rats and a million other things going on know that one thing will take your attention leading to another and another....
          Sentinel, you sound like a very nice person, please do not think I'm flaming you because I thought your posts in this thread were very classy. I don't see how a call to the guy/gal would be out of line if you feel that strongly about it. See if you can give them a call at work, tell them you were concerned about their child and in the spirit of brotherhood, you're checking in...and by the way, please send a patch...
          If anything, it will make them feel like an inch tall and I doubt they will do it again! But, God forbid that things have gotten really bad for this officer, and in this case, your contact might mean the world.
          Let us know, okay?


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            One track mind, Jill? Geez..

            TG - Nobody said anything about mentioning the cop's real name, so no need to lecture on net etiquette. I was only referring to the screen name.
            If you really want something in life you have to work for it. Now quiet, they're about to announce the lottery numbers. -- Homer Simpson


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              Well I can't call him because I don't have his number. I don't know where he works other than the general department. I tried email but apparently he no longer has the same email address as I am getting them bounced back. Although he still has that email address listed on his website so??? I did send him letters through snail mail since I did have that address because that is where I sent my patch.

              I do think that if his child is really ill patch trading would be the last thing on your mind, but that also would be a good excuse to use if you just don't want to be bothered anymore. The thing is that it has been like a year now. Hard to think that he just forgot since I emailed him very politely once a month. The least you can do is send a reply saying that you have not forgotten me yet. I can wait, just let me know I am still on your mind.

              Don't worry. I was not going to post his name. I will not sink to his level. I am taking the moral high ground and just putting the entire matter behind me. As a I said I just think it is sad that I have learned a new lesson about trading with fellow officers online. If you don't send me your patch first I guess we can't trade :[

              I do think this is a good place to post before trading with someone though. You can ask in here before you trade with someone if they have stiffed anyone in here. Lowers your odds of getting stiffed anyway.


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                Just a friendly reminder...not a lecture about net etiquette.
                Last edited by Traffic*Goddess; 09-09-2003, 02:55 AM.


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                  Originally posted by Traffic*Goddess

                  Nice plug, too bad the site you are advertising is run by a telemarketer claiming to be a cop. Also, just a word to the wise for anyone that does give their department info over there? The other "Admin" at the site..."ChinaRain" is in reality 555/shrill/rant/Morrow/CAgirl/star etc. Since we are discussing officer safety issues in this thread, this is totally germane to this topic. I'd think twice before doing so...especially since both have a penchant for taking their petty battles off-line. No one needs those type of problems on the job.
                  Speaking of one track minds.......


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                    I have not heard of any problems regarding breech of confidentiality at the site that TG is referring to.

                    In fact it seems the only one that keeps bringing this up is TG. It seems the only one that won't let anything die is TG.
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                      I never thought you would fall for the party line, Joe. And, no, I'm far from being the only person....I'm just the only one that isn't afraid to speak up.


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                        TG, your courage to "speak out" is commendable.

                        Is it a slow day at the restraunt waiting tables??
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                          Wow, Special Ops...what happened? Did you other account here get banned? Go back and play with your pals on your "better" *cough* forum. You certainly aren't missed.
                          Get your info straight, pal...glad you don't work in my area...but it would be amazing to watch you chase your own tail all day.


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                            I dont know if someone posted something in this thread to make it look like it was from me or not. I see a referrence to "Jill" (my name), but no post from anyone named Jill.

                            I only have one account and one posting name ANYwhere. it's jellybean40. If i am mistaken in assuming, then i'm sorry. If i'm not, then i dont appreciate imposters.
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                              There was someone posting under the name Jill who the moderator has removed all signs of. She (it) was posting website addresses of other sites with every post.
                              If you really want something in life you have to work for it. Now quiet, they're about to announce the lottery numbers. -- Homer Simpson


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