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  • WBT Light for Rifle

    I need a light for my rifle. I do not have a brand preference. Pressure switch or not. It does not matter. I just need one and cant afford a new one right now.

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    What type....

    I just bought a new TLR-3 for $66 shipped to my door. Threw it on at the 12 O'Clock postion and its GTG.

    If your looking for more of a conventional light then head down to the store and pick up a Surefire G2 for $35 or less and use that ( I used mine that way for roughly a year with great success). You can fashion up a decent mount with some old scope rings if your looking to go cheaper then a actual mount.

    If you sign onto Brownells as a LEO you get a discount and can get a Vltor mount for less then $35.....

    Not sure what type of rifle your running or if you have a rail. But if you go with the TLR-3 and don't have a rail to mount it on - let me know and I can fix you up with a mount to put it at the 12 spot just ahead of your FSB if your interested. Its a mount I made and currently am running on my rifle. I chopped a YH Gas Block and made it, so the other half is just sitting here in my safe.

    Before you ask - No it does not obstruct your view thru an aimpoint or EOTECH or even your regular irons. You could even tilt it to the three or nine spot if that was more your style. Alot of guys are going with the 12 spot due to the advantages it offer's as well as these TLR's cause they are so small and light. Plenty of light for knocking doors or regular patrol stuff. If your looking for a bigger perimeter light then you wanna step up to a bigger output though as I am sure you know.

    Let me know what you decide. If your gonna go with a TLR and want the mount and will use it, I just need your address. Its on me!
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      That's pretty neat. What front sight block did you use, where did you get it, how much. I have a laser I want to put on my patrol rifle, but it sits too far out, using the rails on the handguards. (Not meaining to hijack your thread).

      FYI, midwayusa, has cheap light mount kits to fit the surefire. Barrel clamps, and pressure pads.


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        Originally posted by scarney View Post
        What front sight block did you use, where did you get it, how much.
        I used the two piece Yankee Hill Gas Block at the bottom of this page....

        Part Number YHM-9390A

        You can get them thru Brownells at a LEO discounted price of $50.75. But if you search around you can find them used.....

        Its a rock solid option for mounting lights and lasers if you don't utilize a rail system or only utilize a carbine length system and still want to do a 12 spot while using the stock FSB.....
        There is no greater love - than that of a man - that will give his life for another.

        If God carried a gun - it would be a 1911


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          Thankd for the input. I have a RRA AR with the 16" barrel. I do have a 4-way tac-rail for-end. I plan on putting it on at the 9 o'clock.I do greatly appreciate the offer and generosity. I think I am just going to get a TLR-3. Thank you. I will let you know how it turns out.


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            Cheap ($80) alternative

            Check out midwayusa.com, TacStar Firearms Light System 2000 with T6 Tactical Flashlight, Pressure Switch End Cap, Barrel Mount. It's a complete package I think for around $80. I used it for a little while, and wrapped tape around the handguard to keep the pressure switch in place. I clamped the light directly to the barrel.

            I like forman318's mount better than the TacStar, but I like the pressure pad. I think having to flip the lever all the time would be a pain. When using my weapon light, I do not leave it on constant, until I have target in sights. Illuminate and move, illuminate and move, etc.


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