Up for sale are the following:
1) 5.11 Tan S/S M shirt. Looks like this (http://www.outdoorpros.com/Prod/5-11...XL/30089/Cat/6). Still in great shape, no stains, nothing like that. Realized I never wear it, so it's gone! Looking for $25, but willing to talk.
2) A Safariland 6365 black basketweave holster for Glock 17/22. Has the hood guard added on. Never worn on duty, light scuffs on the bottom of the holster. Works 100%. Looks like this (http://www.outdoorpros.com/images/pr...8421-42616.jpg) but in basketweave. Looking to get $75, but flexible.
3) 21" ASP Baton along with an ASP grip kit. Baton works 100%. Grip kit has been used, remaining is the sliding blade knife, 9 grips of varying lengths, almost 30' of double sided grip tape, the alcohol lubricant bottle, 25 o-rings, o-ring dispenser, o-ring tool, breakfree clp, order form. Not even sure what is fair, $50?

I do not have a digital camera, but can borrow one from work if requested.