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Fraser Volpe MK-X (AN/PVS 16) Gyro Stabilized Binoculars for $1,700


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  • Fraser Volpe MK-X (AN/PVS 16) Gyro Stabilized Binoculars for $1,700

    I am selling some like new, AN/PVS 16, Fraser Volpe 14x41 stabilized binoculars. These binoculars were just returned from a full servicing from Fraser Volpe, which goes through the unit and repairs and replaces any components that are not 100%. Fraser Volpe makes some of the best binoculars in the market today for the US Government/Military. However, they are so expensive most civilians can't or won't spend the money to purchase them. Uncle Sam paid $5,600 for these binoculars. I am asking only $1,700 for the binoculars. These binoculars have had little if any use.

    Anyone who has ever looked through a 14 power scope knows how much detail one can see compared to a 7 power scope. Now imagine a wide field of view through the same level of magnification as a 14x rifle scope. The gyro-stabilization removes the jitter normally associated with such high power optics. These are an absolute must for any serious hunter, bird watcher or law enforcement officer in need of a serious surveillance tool.

    The package comes with;

    • Binoculars (powered by 2 AA batteries)
    • Pelican Hard Case
    • Soft Case
    • Polarized and Yellow (haze) Filters
    • Power Cord for Vehicle Applications
    • Cleaning Kit

    Pics are available to serious potential buyers.
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    Hahahah. Yea, but the Kmart specials won't let you see into the future like these bad boys will.....ok, may be not the future, but just about anywhere else.


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      Next door neighbor's house?
      This profession is not for people looking for positive reinforcement from the public. Very often it can be a thankless job and you can't desire accolades, because those are not usually forthcoming. Just do your job to the best of your ability and live with the decisions you've made.


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        I'll take 10 of them as soon as I hit the lottery!! oh that's right Mississippi does not have a lottery. Sorry, good luck.


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          you're selling something uncle sam paid for? hmmmm
          Perseverate In Pugna


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            Anyone ever heard of the Government conducting auctions of surplus or outdated equipment? The MK-X binoculars were replaced by the new Fraser Volpe M25 binoculars.

            Give me a break guys. I realize that there are some who would be stupid enough to sell stolen items on a LE forum, but I am not one of them.

            The binos are legit!


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              We can be cold, can't we. Oh well that's what happens when every question you ask is answered with a lie.

              Good luck brother.


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