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    I just got home from lifting and I blasted my chest today with Bench, Incline bench, Crossovers, Dips several sets to exhaustion... I can do about 1 pushup right now! lol, but this program looks great, going to get the word out around the department ty for posting.
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      It is a number of weeks into your original posts - anyone have results?


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        Im on week 3, so far soo good! Reminds me, I need to go do todays pushups...


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          Originally posted by MNCopper View Post
          It is a number of weeks into your original posts - anyone have results?
          I've been following this plan loosely now, unfortunately even more so after I hurt my shoulder, but I am making progress. I stopped doing it when the original site (100pushups.com) went offline. Now that it's back up, I decided last week to start up again, and stick to it.

          Since third range in the first week is 15+ (and I average 20-25 usually), I didn't bother doing the initial test, and just went with my average.

          Tested myself today, did 28 in 51 seconds. I'll keep this post updated for those who are looking for hard numbers. I'm starting week 2 when I get home tonight.

          Week 2 results: 29 in 52 seconds (I did 30, but the last was slightly lousy form)

          Week uh.. lost count..
          Stumbled on week 3. Couldn't make the numbers. Tried again the next week, same thing. Fell off the horse for two weeks. Tested again today to prepare for next week and attempt #3: 35 pushups (didn't time it, but it was under a minute)
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            Let me get this straight level 1, drink a beer for 60 seconds, level 2, consume...etc, etc. This is a piece of cake!


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              i'm glad to see you all are enjoying it and seeing results. i've had to stop as i'm in the academy and im no glutton for too much punishment. we are getting plenty of pushups in class

              ...just did grass drills today - man am i sore.
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                Originally posted by Guzman View Post
                i'm glad to see you all are enjoying it and seeing results. i've had to stop as i'm in the academy and im no glutton for too much punishment. we are getting plenty of pushups in class

                ...just did grass drills today - man am i sore.
                I posted this program back when it was at the old website. It is awesome. I did 78 pushups in a minute at my final BLET fitness assessment. Female, 40 yrs old. Anyone can kick butt by following it.


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                  Getting started on week 4 tomorrow, definitely noticing some improvement, I can't wait to see the final outcome. The last set where you max out has been a trouble spot as I am usually so tired that I can only get about 5 push-ups past what is asked as a minimum max but I know I'm getting stronger. I've been doing I've been trying not to max out before doing all my sets as I kind of want to keep my true max a surprise until the end. When I started I could only get out maybe 35 but now I can hit that on my last set so something is definitely happening! Oh well, time to go running.


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                    This week would have been my week 3, but I took the week off because I was scheduled to take a physical for the agency I am applying w/; however, I have been doing pushups this week in smaller sets... SO I will be starting week 3, on Monday.

                    I have noticed good improvement. Before the program I was lucky if I finished 27, yesterday during my physical I was able to complete 35.

                    This is a great program!!
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                      I have a question regarding this program vs. my current plan. I have been running for a while now and I feel like I have a good handle on how to keep improving there, but I have just recently begun turning attention to seriously improving my pushups (just earlier this week as a matter of fact ).

                      I have read before that repetition and doing lots of pushups is the key to getting better at pushups, and I figured I needed to set a goal and move toward it. Currently I can do about 25 in one set and I would like to at least double that number.

                      With the "Grease The Groove" article fresh in my mind I decided that "greasing the groove" to 10,000 pushups would be a good goal, and that by the time I had done that many, I should be much improved. I divided out the number of days left in the year and determined that 80 pushups a day would get me to 10,000+ before the year is over. I am doing these in sets of 20, and doing them 4-5 times per day to hit 80-100 pushups per day (I am keeping track of them in an Excel spreadsheet.) I figure I can keep inching my way up with how many I do per day as time goes by, hopefully getting to around 200 per day.

                      My question for those of you who may know, would it be more beneficial for me to drop my plan and go with the routine listed on the above website, or should I continue with what I am doing?


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                        Westward Bound-
                        I think you need to look a bit deeper into the Greasing the Groove. It was not meant to be an ongoing (several month) process. And just 4 sets in a day isnt what the original plan would suggest either.

                        That being said-would your numbers improve? Yeah, I would certainly think so. Would the mini workouts for the next few months be boring and burn you out? Yeah, I would think so.

                        My experience with greasing the groove (which was pretty successful), I did them 2 weeks on every hour on the hour (no less than 8 sets in a day-often 16 sets, just depended on work and things). After the 2 weeks I tested myself and kind of backed off for a week, then did that same plan again for 2 weeks.

                        I dont think it will take you until the end of the year to go from 25 to 50 in a single set. Greasing the groove WILL get you there. I think this program listed will get you there as well. Choose one and work it for like 6 weeks and see how much you improve, then try the other one...this will give you some variety and make the muscles work in new ways.

                        I would set a time limit for the 1 set...kind of like for PT tests. Make it either 1 minute or 2.

                        PM me if you have any questions about the methods that I used or whatever.


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                          Thanks for your input. I understand that the routine I have started out with is not as frequent as the "Grease The Groove" program, but I figured I would give myself a week or two to work up to more reps, my muscles are staying tired and burned with what I am doing. I believe I can work up to more repetitions and sets pretty quickly, just getting that ONE set number up is the part that I anticipate being the hardest.

                          My wife timed me today and I did 27 very correct push ups in 42 seconds. Perhaps slowing down a little would allow me to get a few more in to a minute.


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                            Yeah, I had a bit of a problem with going too fast as well I think.
                            When I was first tested for my job, the test was for 1 minute. I got 60 in a minute on the test, which I thought was decent.

                            Well, once academy began, the test was 2 minutes (like the Army PT test). Ok...I have 16 weeks to train, should be able to get some grat numbers I thought. I figured that I could probably be at about 90 or so for the 2 minute test. Not even close. After 16 weeks of training at academy, the best I got was 68 in 2 minutes! WTF!

                            Did I continue to go so fast on the first minute in an over zealous effort to knock a bunch out that I got tired out? I dont know. Did the training that we did at academy conflict with the way I had trained? I dont know.

                            Anyways, it was a weird end result in my opinion and I always wondered if I had been able to do my own PT, what the 2 minute end result would have been.

                            By the way, all these pushups were monitored by a trainer 1 on 1 with each person and they were pretty strict.


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