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    So here's my story, I'm 6'0 and 215lbs medium built. About a month ago I decided to start doing Yoga for the simple fact that I'm not very flexible, I mean at all. IT was to the point that when stretching my legs I couldn't stop bending my knees in order to stretch my hamstrings, now that I have a month with it I've seen a lot of improvement and plus it has helped with my back problems. so I would recommend it to anyone that is willing to try it.

    how many of you do Yoga as part of your work out routine?
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    I had a LOT of misconceptions about Yoga until I tried it. If anyone is looking for a great workout which will increase strength, de-stress, and increase flexibility, (and be in a room with a majority of hot women ) I'd recommend Astanga or Vinyasa Yoga. I was / am a little bored with regular Yoga. I like it when it's more active as in the styles that I mentioned.

    It's an awesome workout!


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      I've been doing Yoga for a few months now and have found it's a great compliment to the running/Crossfit/BJJ that I do. Great for injury prevention as well.


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        I have done it off and on throughout my life. I have not done it in a while since I stretch 1 to 2 times a day. I strongly believe that stretching is one of the best things that we can do for our health.
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