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MAX-OT - Anyone tried it?


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  • MAX-OT - Anyone tried it?

    In browsing though all the "My workout will get you ripped in 3 days" articles I came across the MAX-OT training and wondered if anyone has ever tried it, and if so how were your results?

    To me it seems pretty logical. No get ripped quick schemes as this is a 12 week program. I'm thinking I will start it on Monday morning and go for a month and see what happens. I'm getting stronger very quickly, just don't want to plateau off and lose the momentum.

    Anyone tried this or have an opinion on it?

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    I'm in week 8 now. I got it off a link from here, i thnk fenik99 posted about it?
    Anyway i love it, it's great. I went up in strength so much i have to watch out as my tendons and so can't keep up. I love it that at most you are in the gym for half an hour. Yet i feel more fatigued then with my old workout.

    In week one you will feel like:"is this it?" Just keep going and at the end of week two you will be going:"this is it!"

    It's great strength lies in the psych part. Maximum effort. You know that you only are doing two sets per excercise for 3 excercises so you have to go 110% each set. It works.


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      im going to try this- after reading it 1) It makes sense, and 2) its a quick workout at 30-40 minutes. ill take pre and post measurements ect and see how I am after 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks.
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        Wouldn't this regimen require a workout partner? Since all of the exercises are done to failure, I would assume you can't safely do these alone.


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          DO IT!!! SUCK IT UP AND DO IT!!!! lol....well see, the whole failure thing...you actually do warmup reps and all that good stuff..so you should be able to work up to the weight you will be most comfortable with without having a barbel on your neck! i do it alone all the time, mostly because i work midnights and days i bench are days im off, which means im at the gym at 2am..lol...you'll be fine...just dont try to be superman, especially if your alone...after you finish the 12 weeks..it gives you another 6 months program, im in month 2 of those 6 months..its good stuff, i use to be 272...now im 233...and stong as heck...just stick with it and dont miss a day..sense your only primarily working 1 major muscle group, once a week......

          i predict whey protein and creatine questions on the way

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