I have seen a lot you around here asking random questions about supplements, gaining weight, losing weight and other lifting and workout questions. I myself get a lot of my information from a website called www.musclesci.com There are guys and gals on there that are hardcore into training, eating right and living the life. I have gotten so much great information on there that it's really been a beneficial website to me. yes, they do talk about performance enhancing drugs and how to take them, dosages and all that. But, outside of the anabolic talk, the administrators of board are top notch, stand up people. the members of the board have a wide variety of interests and have good suggestions on lifting and the whole spectrum that goes into being physically fit. I'm not bashing any other boards. I'm simply giving credit to the board i belong to. I encourage people to go on to the board, do a lot of research and read the posts, even the long ones. there is so much good information out there about over the counter supplements and black market things. it is aimed at education of the user no matter what your goals are. Education in working out programs is the number one tool to getting the goals that you want. If you have time please stop by the board. But, do NOT ask for source information and check out some of thier sponsors. they have some great products for unbelivable low prices. good luck everyone.... Tell them that Boxerblood sent ya. Again the website is www.musclesci.com Have fun and learn what you have always wanted to know about working out.