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    GOAL: Like many people, I'm looking to decrease my 1.5mi time. Goal time of 14:00.

    Background: I never enjoyed running, and avoided it most of my life. Now that I'm training to get into Federal law enforcement, I've got to make it part of my life, and need to improve my time. I started out just under 20 minutes, and ended up just over 15 minutes, over about a year period. If it's not unreasonable, I'd like to reach my goal within 12 weeks.

    Since I'm a total novice when it comes to running (and I still hate it), I'd like to get an app that can coach me through intervals. Ideally, I'd have headphones on and a voice would tell me when to walk/run/slow/etc. I've heard that apps like C25K, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, etc can help with this. If you've used an app for interval running, let me know which one.

    I tried Zombies, Run! and thought it was pretty neat, but I felt like there was just a bit too much story to be helpful for training.

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    I can’t speak to running apps, but if you’re trying to get your time down, I’ve found 30/60 and 60/120 sprints (sprinting all out for 30 or 60 seconds then walking for 60/120 respectively, 4-5 iterations) to work wonders on improving time and keeping your heart rate lower for distance runs. It’s most effective if you sprint the entire time as hard as you can. I usually will do one or two sprint days followed by a distance day, then repeating. Just my two cents.
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    I absolutely hate running!!! I find it incredibly boring and the repeated pounding pavement does not make me feel great. I have also found that sprinting has completely changed my running. My lung capacity has improved, and without really pushing I took my time from 16 minutes to low 14. Even when I get tired, my jogging speed is a 10 mph pace, it used to be more like 12 mph. I do sprints mostly on the treadmill so I can set exact speeds. Typically just alternate and make the walking time around double what the sprint was.


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      Look into the POSE method


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        If you have a gym, see if the treadmills have the sprint 8 program on them. You walk for 90 seconds, sprint all out for 30 seconds on a small incline and repeat for 8 sprinting periods. It only takes 20 minutes and helps a ton, if you really put full effort on the sprints it will improve your time. You can off course do it without a programmed treadmill but this just takes the thinking out of it.


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