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  • Advice for female trainee

    I am sure there are other postings simlar to this but any new updated advice would be greatly appreciated.

    I just got picked up at a police department and will be attending the Academy in approximately one month. I have not worked out consistently in quite some time and have done workouts here and there.

    I know each academy has different standards but I would like to see exactly how much work I need here. I currently have decreased in speed and endurance and am running a 15 min mile and a half.

    Are there any programs that are specific to women for the academy?

    I would like to increase my speed on my short distance. Always been a paced distance runner, never fast unless it was a short sprint.

    Any advice would be great!!

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    I'm sure there is a way where you can contact the academy to get their specific standards to make it easier to train but even without them there is a lot you can do.
    If you haven't been running for awhile your speed/endurance will obviously be low and i find the best way to bring these back up is to just RUN. I like running with someone who is better then me as it really pushes myself to go harder.
    Running hills or on the beach will really help to build quick initial speed or burst.
    I would also work on pushups, situps and pullups as from what i understand about American academys you will be doing these a lot.
    If you have anymore specific questions just ask


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      Mix up sprints and longer jogs-- on a typical day in my academy we might do something like jog 1.5 miles (in about 15 minutes) then run 10 200 yard sprints and finish with a 5. mile cool down jog. Try starting today with just the jog and a 2-3 sprints and add 1-2 more 200 yard sprints each day until you hit 10-12 of them. Then lengthen the initial run to 2 miles and then 2.5 miles. In one month, I'd say you'll be ready to run in the academy.

      We did a physical assessment test about 2 weeks into the academy to break into training squads by fitness level; on the 1.5 mile run the best time was about 9 m 20 sec and the lowest times were about 15 minutes (like 15:30 or so). My 12:19 was exactly in the middle of the 50 people. This is just to give you an idea of where the recruits at one of the toughest (Physical-wise) academies in the state entered at.

      Women tend to have the most trouble with the upper body work. I did "commercial break" push-ups. During every commercial break on TV or at the end of every chapter in a book (etc), drop and do 20 push-ups. Aim for 100 a day the first 2 weeks and 200 a day after that. If 20 is easy, do 30 each set. Make sure your form is good: chest should be 6 inches from the ground on the "down" movement. Weight lifting is good if you have gym access but not necessary; focus on upper body and core strength. Do crunches, leg lifts, flutter kicks, squats (we do lots and lots and lots of squats and lunges), and mix it up with 25 jumping jacks between each exercise. If you can do 1 hour each day of running+ everything else for the next 30 days, you'll be at least middle of the pack in probably any academy.

      PS- just to make it clear, I'm a girl too


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        Thank you for advice... Sounds like you may be going to Alameda Academy??

        I have been doing sprints and pilates... starting to get back into things. I appreciate the advice.. I think everyday might hurt me or put me at risk for injury but 5 days a week will be alright I think... Thank you for your experience, that really helps. I am hoping this gives me enough time!


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          Everyday is fine if you are working different muscle groups and making sure to include easier days; they are cautious at work to burn us on different areas on different days. What I do on Sat/Sun is just a light workout, like maybe a 2 mile jog and 50 push-ups. Or I clean the house and do laundry and its kinda like a workout

          Our PT/DT (Defensive Tactics) schedule is basically PT one hour on M/W/F alternating 40 min runs/20 minutes weights with 20 min runs/40 minute weights. On M/W/F we then do 1 hour of DT and T/R is 2 hours of DT (since no PT on those days). They suggest that we do weight lifting on our own time on the days we do only the 20 minute weight circuit and do "something" on the weekends.

          Make sure you are eating enough healthy calories, it can be hard in the academy schedule to eat right and you are guaranteed to burn a lot of energy. I'd also suggest taking a calcium supplement since women especially are at risk for shin splints (Navy studies show calcium reduces that significantly) and Vitamin C since every freaking time someone gets sick, a dozen more people catch it. All the hands-on DT work and everybody in a classroom together means germs spread easily.


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            Originally posted by mckittn View Post
            I would like to increase my speed on my short distance. Always been a paced distance runner, never fast unless it was a short sprint.
            Haha, it's tough stuff but gives amazing speed results. I use it all the time for training for races (usually 2 times a week during cross-country training, and 3 during track season.)
            Just for an example- go to the track and run maybe 15 x 200m then very lightly jog the remaining 200m back to the starting point, then go hard again for the other 200m.
            200's are quite easy, but for a great workout do maybe 7 x 400m.

            But there's tons of variations you can do (the longer the distance, the less amount you do of course.) 500's, 300's, 150's or almost anything. You learn to get a feel for it over time and what your splits should be.

            If you do interval training often, you'll really see your times start to speed up, it's amazing.

            -- Mike
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