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  • IT Band Syndrome

    Anyone ever suffer from IT Band Syndrome, which presents as pain on the outside of your knee? If so, how was it treated?

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    Originally posted by springer1972
    Anyone ever suffer from IT Band Syndrome, which presents as pain on the outside of your knee? If so, how was it treated?
    Really no one way to treat it. Provided it's not severe, use an IT knee band. That can keep it in place. Rest is another good option. Also, see about possibly strengthening it through exercises. It's common among runners, so look to their forums for other options. Good luck.


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      I stretch it a couple times a day and there are exercises that you can do to strengthen your legs. It some times can be caused by bad shoe soles, so I had custom soles made and that relieved a lot of pressure on my knees. Stretch a lot.


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        I've had it. I've got 2 stretches that removed all pain.

        1. Lay on your back. Feet on the floor. Knees bent.
        Cross your left ankle over your right knee.
        Raise your right knee towards your chest.
        Keep your left leg parallel to your chest and move it towards you.
        You should feel the stretching sensation in the outside of your left leg.
        Repeat on the other side.

        2. Side with your right shoulder facing a wall.
        Raise your right arm (bent at the elbow) and place your forearm on the wall.
        Keeping your body in a straight line, lean your right hip into the wall.
        You should feel a stretching sensation in the outside of your right leg.
        Repeat on the other side.

        My PT tells me stretch 1 is not specifically for the IT band while stretch 2 is.

        All I know is my IT band pain started when I was running. A buddy of mine who does marathons said he had the same problem and suggested stretch 1 as a solution. It worked.

        Good luck.
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          Thanks for the replies. I got some custom made orthotics for my shoes and have been stretching. I haven't tried the first stretch but I will. Anyway, I haven't had any pain the last few runs so hopefully I am over it.


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            Stretching is the biggest thing. Depending on the severity they can do surgery, but that is the last option. I ran with it long enough that it caused a stress fracture in my opposite foot. Now i stretch everyday, doesn't matter if I am going to run or not, that has made all the difference in the world. If you can go to PT, they can show you the correct way to do the stretches and ways to strengthen the area.
            I know that mine really bothers me when it is cold out and I don't warm up enough.
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              It's a bitch, no question about it. Try a foam roller (put the affected side on it and gravity does the rest) to help work it out. It hurts, but it should help.


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                I had the same thing when I was in college. I was able to see a physical therapist who used some heat treatments to limber it up, as well as stretching. Be aware that the IT band is also attached to the outside of your hip, so stretches used to loosen the hips will help also. Check out the book "Core Performance" by Mark Verstegen (sp?). He's got some good, but unusual, stretch techniques.


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