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    Yours Truly and Whitney Richtmyer, have an article in the Sept issue Police Magazine members of O.com will find useful.
    The Patrol Athlete

    A strong, fit, flexible, explosive, and well-conditioned police officer is a better police officer. Improved physical conditioning is correlated with lower officer injury and death rates, lower sick leave usage, lower civil liability, fewer civilian complaints, lower suspect injury rate, lower suicide rate, improved mental health, lower uses of force, and lower officer-involved shooting rate.

    The first rule is to work hard and train consistently. Athletes from different sports train differently, but successful athletes follow this rule. The best program in the world won't work if you don't train consistently and put effort into your training. But you need to focus on the right type of training for your line of work.

    Resistance Training

    Contrary to mythology and marketing, resistance training does not require one to "train to failure" or walk out of the gym so sore you can barely move. For patrol officers, any training that "cripples" an officer for the period post-training is to be avoided as we need to be on at all times. You can't have a "leg day" that leaves you hobbling around for three days, and Murphy's Law means the time you can barely walk due to soreness is the time you will get into the most important foot pursuit of your life. Any training program needs to account for the fact that you need to always be ready to perform.

    Training needs to prepare you for the infrequent but high-danger stresses of patrol, as well as the frequent lower danger activities. Something as simple as getting in and out of your car while wearing a gunbelt and gear weighing 20 pounds or more is a cause of a substantial number of officer injuries. Proper resistance training strengthens the lower back, core, and abdominal muscles and will act as a prophylactic against such injuries.



    - Will

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