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Academy is 25 days, what should I do?


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  • Academy is 25 days, what should I do?

    I enter a 12 hour a day, 6 days a week, 8 week police academy for the NJ shore on May 3 (25 days from now).

    I started running in september and one really cold night in the winter I got real bad shin splints, probably from not stretching enouh. I was really hurtin for like 2 weeks.

    Now I've had slight discomfort on and off until this very day. I've reduced my mileage considerably in hopes I'd fully recover. However, with the academy coming up, I really wana trainhard , but I'm scared I'm gonna trigger my shin splints right before I enter.

    What can I do to get these shin splints away forever? My legs feel good now but what can I do to prevent them from coming back like they once did before? Any tips would be great.

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    Scroll down the Prevention section.

    The Cliff Notes version is adjust your stride(less heel strike), correct posture(don't hunch/slouch forward), and make sure you have good shoes.


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      somone said that soles cause more damage than good, is that true?


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        Originally posted by DEPO
        somone said that soles cause more damage than good, is that true?
        I'm not really certain. However, if you adjust your stride accordingly (more of a rolling motion across the foot rather than a heel strike/slap) the need for specialty shoes is lessened. Even still quality footwear is an important part of running without injuries. Shoes should be fitted properly and replaced often.


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          I'd suggest cardio by bike. Shin splints during an academy will make your PT utter hell. Let them heal up
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            I suggest work the same muscles you will use to run but in low or no-impact workouts. Swimming and biking are examples of a cardio + leg workout. then include squats, lunges, static squats (back to the wall, thighs parallel to floor, hold for as long as possible) and of course the usual push-ups, sit-ups, and other full body workouts. Everything is connected; none of this will cure shin splints but the stronger you are overall, the better off you will be.

            Additionally, I'd say make sure you are getting enough calcium, take a supplement if you need to (Walgreens carries this chocolate flavored chews that are actually pretty tasty and 2 gives a day worth of calcium). Navy studies show it helps shin splints a lot and calcium is good for strong bones anyway so it won't hurt.


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              Also, do reverse calf raises to help build the tibialis anterior. Simply find some steps and put your heels on the edge letting your feet hang over. Raise your feet up and back, reverse calf raise, contracting the muscle around the shin...it won't heal the shin splints but it can help a bit.
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