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    Hey guys. I'm just now starting to work-out a little bit, with an exercise routine that I have made for myself, as of now. I'm planning on increasing the difficulty a little bit by week, and to track my progress I'm keeping track of 9 categories on a month-by-month basis.

    What I'm looking for are any workout suggestions based on the stats I'm posting below, and any type of nutritional advice anyone can give me to help add muscle mass. Again, I'm going to update this with my new statistics every month, and I will include the plan someone on here has given me that has worked. I guess by doing this and making it public on here, I'm just looking for some encouragement and advice. Anyways, thanks for all those who participate in helping me. I am VERY out of shape at the moment, as you are about to see with these numbers. But I guess that's the point, to try to improve. These are my 9 categories and results:

    1 Mile Time: 9:58
    2 Mile Time: 23:30
    300 Meter Run: 77 Seconds.
    1 Minute Sit-Ups: 32
    2 Minute Sit-Ups: 55
    Consecutive Sit-Ups: 60
    2 Minute Push-Ups: 31
    Consecutive Push-Ups: 12
    Consecutive Pull-Ups: 8

    Also, my current weight is around 108 lbs. (For the nutritional plans.)

    Thanks again everyone.
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    looking by the weight, im guessing your a female? dont kick my butt, im just guessn, those times and reps dont look bad
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      looking by the weight, im guessing your a female?
      lol umm... no. sad isn't it? but yeah, just another reason i need to put on weight.


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        well, i appologize if i offended you...this is a website ment to increase lean muscle weight..starts off as a very effective, 12 week program, that goes into a 6 month program...has write ups for everything, including cardio

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          How tall are you? If you search around the health and fitness part there are lots of older threads that deal with bulking and such. I wouldn't say you are very out of shape but forsure some room to improve.

          Obviously one of the keys to gaining weight is to intaking more calories then you burn in a day. You may want to like into weight gaining protein powders (have more calories and protein then normal protein powders).

          Also while weight training try to keep your reps between 4-8 for your sets, it has been shown that lifting heavier with less reps helps build size, i'm much too tired to explain why but again if you search you will find it. Good luck and there are lots of guys here to help you out.


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            well, i appologize if i offended you
            nah, it's cool.

            How tall are you?


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              What type of program are you on now? like how often do you workout, what do you do when you workout and things of that nature?


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                well i'm just starting, but i have my Week 1 plan done. i'm going to do PT 5 days a week to start, doing- 1/2 mile run per day. 5 sets of 20 sit-ups per day, 10 sets of 3 pull-ups per day, and 5 sets of 10 push-ups per day. along with some curls and basic weight lifting. again, that's only week 1 though, i'll make it more difficult as i progress. but i'm trying to start off easy for the first few days, just to condition myself a little.


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                  Cut down on the cardio hard core if you are trying to gain weight. As others have said, you need to take in more calories than you are burning and running = burning calories. I'd cut down on the cardio to 2-3 times per week with a max of 10-15 mins per session.


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                    Assuming that you are doing all this to improve these numbers for a police academy, there is no need to try and bulk up. To improve your pushup and pullup numbers "google" grease the groove and use that type of program. As far as running-your times will improve. When I first began really running, my mile time was around 9:00, now it is more like 6:30. This only took about 2 months. I also highly recommend


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                      108 lbs...

                      holy crap!

                      i think my leg weighs 108...
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                        Curls, pushups and running aren't going to get you past 108 pounds. Squats, bench press, deadlift and military press will, along with as much milk as you can drink in a day (aim for a gallon), lots of red meat and pasta. You won't be a bull if you eat like a hummingbird. At 5'5", why not aim for a solid bodyweight of 165 (initially - and 195 in the long run)?
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                          Originally posted by ateamer
                          Curls, pushups and running aren't going to get you past 108 pounds. Squats, bench press, deadlift and military press will, along with as much milk as you can drink in a day (aim for a gallon), lots of red meat and pasta. You won't be a bull if you eat like a hummingbird. At 5'5", why not aim for a solid bodyweight of 165 (initially - and 195 in the long run)?
                          Yah those excersises are great for bulking, plus you will most likely gain the most muscle with these as compared to the curls and such, but all the iso excersises are still to add to your routine if you have the time.

                          Totally agree on the milk, lots of calories/protein and i just love the taste of it as well, haha. Can't be stressed enough that you must intake most likely a lot more calories then you are used to so it will take awhile to get the hang of it, again i would really stress a high calorie mass building protein powder.

                          Also if one is available to you, go to a gym and ask a trainer for some advice


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                            UPDATE: It has been a month, so here are my updates:

                            1 Mile Time: 9:14- 44 second improvement.
                            2 Mile Time: 20:40- 2 minutes 50 seconds improvement.
                            300 Meter Time: 71 seconds- 6 second improvement.
                            1 Minute Sit-Ups: 37- 5 sit-up improvement.
                            2 Minute Sit-Ups: 60- 5 sit-up improvement.
                            Consecutive Sit-Ups: 71- 11 sit-up improvement.
                            2 Minute Push-Ups: 36- 5 push-up improvement.
                            Consecutive Push-Ups: 17- 5 push-up improvement.
                            Consecutive Pull-Ups: 11- 3 pull-up improvement.

                            Weight gain hasn't been much, but at least I've gained some weight. Only about 2-3 lbs. though. I'm going to keep doing this, so again, whatever suggestions you have would be great. Thanks.


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                              Congrats on the progress. One thing to always do, is to keep up a positive mind set. I've only been working on my physical stats for a few months, I'm a beginner myself, but I've found that mental barriers are 10 times worse than physical. Try and stay as far away from building a mental wall, preventing it is far easier than building it than taking it down.

                              Congrats and keep up the good work!


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