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  • Vaccinations???

    Anyone else here have a Dept. that recommends (or requires) you to get Hep A and Hep B vaccinations? If so is it a good idea? Bad Idea?


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    it isnt required for us but highly recommended. of course i work in a jail so i would recommend it. my last job at the hospital it was a requirement for employment.. as wer annual health checkups at employee health.


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      Very highly recommended. Most departments in my area will pay any associated costs for getting Hep vaccinations. I got mine while on duty, even.
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        We get Hep B in the academy; its 3 doses so the docs have to come 3 different times. You can decline it by signing a waiver, and later choose to get it at the dept's expense (but then you'd have to go down to the city hospital to get it). However, if you decline it and get Hep B on the job in the meantime.... pain in the butt for workmen's comp or so I hear.

        Also, typically our health insurance covers all vaccines anyway (several plan options) so one could choose to get something like Hep A vaccine on their own through insurance.

        Very good idea to get both.


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          Got em in the academy. You can decline if want, but why would you? Dept pays for it. With all the dirtballs you encounter and stuff you touch throughout your career, you'd be crazy not to get vaccinated.


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            My three prior agencies paid for Hep shots....

            My federal agency asked if we wanted them....and also let us get tetnus shots on the GOV dime as well.....


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              FWIW, a friend of mine is in the security field and just loves it - even the parts that make me cringe.

              He's been shot at, assaulted and who knows what else. He's very matter of fact about the risks in his line of work.

              The only time he's ever been slightly flipped out was the time he called me from the emergency room. A suspect bit him. She had hep (don't if if it was A or B).

              He was there for a test to see if he caught it.

              Get the vaccination.
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