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    For pure strength training, being only 155 lbs., would my workout days be best spent on a "traditional" lifting routine (chest day, leg day, back day) or would it be better for me to lift everything 3x a week and just do big movements/compounds on those days and forget about the concentration work? If the latter, how would you structure it?

    Thanks everyone

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    I've been a certified personal trainer for 10+ years, weighing in at 155 on my off seasons. I have always kept my workouts based on what my overall goal is. When Im trying to get stronger I will implement the traditional split muscle group routine. Right now I've geared my routines based on my job and focus on what my career entitles. Basically leaving 3 days of the week to strength training (chest/shoulders/tri,back/bicep,legs/glutes/calves) with light cardio of 15 minutes at the end and 2 days of the week to a cross fit style workout. Don't let your strength over power your ability to run faster without being out of breath.


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      Based on my experience working out since 1980, including 10 years of powerlifting competition, the answer is yes.

      Either way will work well as long as you hit the weights hard, don't waste time socializing or resting too long in the gym and eat properly.
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        Appreciate the response, ateamer. It's been a few years since I've been on this site, pleasant surprise to see you're still kickin' around here.

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      Look into "Starting Strength" it's a base building program that will get you a good strong base to branch off into specialization fast. You can't get good at everything all at once. Anyine who claims other wise is getting paid to say it or a folol.

      Strength and power are the physical attributes that come the slowest with the highest return. Cardiio comes the fastest with the lowest. If 2 equaly trained people meet the stronger wins, if a moderately trained martial artist who tangles with a much stronger less trained opponent he still has the odd stacked against him.

      It only takes 6 months to a year doing something like starting strength exactly as its layed out to be handling weights that 90 percent of the flavor of the day, I paid a trainer who got his certificate online to keep me beholden to him program junkies will never get to.

      If you can't bench over 150 percent of your bodyweight, do pull ups for sets, squat and deadlift 2 times body weight and consider your self "in shape." Your not being realistic about where you should be to keep ahead of the herd. Barring real injury or physical dysfunction that limit doing a lift of course. There are other movements that ar3 great but if you can't perform the basics and waste time doing things that don't have the same returns its not the wisest investment of your time.

      I have spent my entire police career closing on 14 years now and several before doing those lifts for 80-90% of my fitness time. I rarely run and I still manage to complete the yearly physical fitness test we take in the top few, against guys that waste hours runnig a week and suffer orthapedic injuries as a result at obscene levels. Mime of which can handle near the weights I can, thus limiting the amount of power they can generate comparatively.

      Start light and learn the lifts right and find a way to be cardiovascularly fit that you can enjoy and stay healthy doing for the rest of your life. I do bag work and spar semi frequently and throw in high reps sets of squat and deadlfits consistently.

      Any fool that tells you they have to run 3 times a week or over a mile at a time to do foot pursuits clearly never does them. If you can do a set of squats 15 reps with 315# you can sprint and catch the average street thug with ease.

      The difference is if you handle weights way above that which your "appearance"indicates. When you catch these fools you don't have to wonder if you are going to be able to handle them. Allowing you to be more confident and not having to use as much force or tools on the bat belt to get the situation in hand. It's win win hands down.

      The problem is most guys even ones I like are looking for something exciting or new that changes the way things work and get them somewhere faster. Cross fit (long term) and running (if your not a genetic freak thats is designed perfectly for it) are the 2 best ways to wrack up injuries that will make staying strong and fit LONG TERM

      I have another 17 to 18 years to go and I plan on having all my own bones,.ligaments, and joints at the end of my career. But, I started with a goal and a plan and have stuck to it.

      Slow and steady wins the race. Once you have a strength base you can do all the wiz bang fad crap and still be strong and you have prepared your core, joints, and tendons, for whatever you throw at them.

      I don't have any certificates and I've never won any special awards so this is all just my worthless internet opinion. But, the program i referenced is well known and there is a wealth of information on the results people get from it online for free.

      I currently weigh 175, I bench 300+ unassisted lift off free, squatted 335 for 61 total reps yesterday, and Hexbar deadlifted 530 in the past month, with no problems, as well as routinely doing 3 or more 5 minute rounds on a 200 # heavy bag after my lifting. I rarely get more than 3 days week in, so I stay a long time and make it count. I do have to admit to "cheating" though I wear a huge lifting belt that lifts absolutely none of the weight for me.

      I'm not bragging there are 15b year old youtubers who out do me all day every day and i know it. But, I've managed to stay at or near this level of fitness for 14 years of active urban policing. Keep the long game in mind, no one wants to hear a middle-aged man whine about what he USED to do when he was 13 and no one was around. If your old or retired then that is perfectly acceptable.

      By the way A teamer knows a thing or two about a thing or two he's just not as long winded as me, but knows a lot.more.


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