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  • Chicago police power test

    HELLO to everyone,
    I applied for CPD (21 years old) and have taken the written exam twice. Over three times (please do not judge me) from the 2016 exam, I failed the running part of the POWER test. Everything else I have no problem with.

    October 1st, 2016-14:24 minutes
    May 20, 2017-16:50
    August 20, 2017- !4:30

    Ever since I failed the 2nd time, I have significantly reduced (not 100%) my carb and sugar consumption. I kept up a weekly routine to improve my run time. Also, I have a personal trainer who was helped me lose weight. Up to this day, I lost 30lbs. Yesterday, I ran with a friend at the police academy and his timing was 13:05, and I was only half a lap away when he reached his time mark. For today, I ran 1.5 miles in 13:14 minutes on the treadmill (i mix up outdoor and treadmill). MY power test is october 14th. I dont know if I am ready. Any advice/thoughts??

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    I would check what time you get outside and go from there. On a treadmill and on a good day Ill get 1.5 miles just barley in in the 13:46 requirement. What routine do you use for reducing your run time? The run and sit ups are my challenges. I have passed the sit ups before and missed the run by like 15 seconds (I was sooooo mad). and its been the other way around before. Missing the sit ups by like 2. I have a trainer and he has mentioned intervals. On my "Cardio Days" I will do the treadmill and do intervals. for example. 20min brisk walk for like 45 seconds then basically a sprint for 15-20 seconds. After that I jump on the stairmaster and for like 15 min give or take Ill do 1 min of basically a sprint (about 100 steps/min) then go to about 40 steps/min for the next min.

    That's my cardio training but personally I think I need more. What do you do as your "weekly routine"?


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      Update, for the past few weeks, I managed to get my time under 13:46 at least 6 times. Yesterday and Wednesday were my fastest times 13:08 for both days. I run 4 times a week, 2x outside police academy.


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        Andy60623 , what is the time you have to beat? In the Army we run 2 miles as part of our physical test. There was a time I was on the high 15 minutes, now I run the 2 miles on about 13. What really help me was sprints, sprints and more sprints. I went from running 3 times a week distances of up to 4-5 miles to only one long run a week. The other 2 days I do sprints, also if you run outside and not on a treadmill it helps a lot in my opinion. Head out to a 1/4 mile track and do half mile slow pace, then you can start with sprinting 1/8 of a mile and slow running 1/4 mile and sprint again as fast as you can. And just start increasing te distances of your sprints, I currently sprint 1/4 (one lap) as fast as I can and slow jog about half a lap (1/8) and sprint again I do about 10-15 sets. Sprinting short distances while giving it 100% has helped me more than being able to run slow long distances. Just my .02...


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          13 minutes 46 seconds. I am aiming for 12 minutes 46 seconds to make it easier. I was never a runner when i took,gym class.


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