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Any advice on upcoming physical exam...


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  • Any advice on upcoming physical exam...

    Debating to still go or hold off till November for the next exam. Have only ran 7 days out of 24 day's. Exam is in 4 day's. Probably only been to the gym 5 day's in the 24 day's.

    Been dealing with Bronchitis, Sinus Infection, and Ear Infection. Currently on day 2 of a second round of antibiotics.

    Last time I ran was dealing with Bronchitis so was a bit winded. I have a pretty strong cardio background. Been running on average 30 to 35 miles a week prior to getting sick and have done long runs of 14 miles.

    Strength wise only have to do 30 push ups in 2 minutes. Going to time myself tomorrow see where I am at with push ups. Been doing push ups when sick, but to a lesser extent. Last week did do a round of time push ups. Was able to do 24 in 50 seconds, but couldn't get past 25 push ups.

    Any advice or feedback can give?

    Haven't ran since last Wednesday. Did 2 days at the gym on Sunday and Tuesday this week. Took off Monday and today. Probably won't lift or run tomorrow, but work an 8 hr shift. I am doing a 16 hour shift Friday. Then off Saturday, but probably do a 2 or 3 mile run. Just to loosen the legs up.

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    Breakup push ups and sit ups into sets


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      For push upswhen you hit your max switch to knees on the floor push ups. Alternatively dow hat I call hard, medium easies. Start with a weight of some kind on your back. A vest with hard plates work. Max out with that. Drop the weight and max out with regular push ups. Then max out with knees on the floor.


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