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  • Passing the PT Run

    I am currently a part-time officer with my agency. My department wants to send me to the academy to become full-time. I took the last PT test July 7th and failed the 12:38 run by 52 seconds.

    My problem with this run is that it is not on a track and the terrain I train on is not 100% similar to the test. My department may send me to retest in October.

    My goal is to pass under 12 minutes. I was wondering if you guys think I will be able to pull this off with my current workout routine or if you have any suggestions to help me pass the run and improve on the others.

    i am a 22 year old male and weigh 215lbs.

    The test:
    1.5 mile: 12:38
    push-ups: 29
    sit-ups: 38
    Bench: 99% body weight

    My last test:
    1.5 Miles: Fail 13:30
    Push-ups: Pass 31
    Sit-ups: Pass 45
    Bench: Pass

    my current routine I started last week is.
    monday: 2 miles
    tuesday: 2 miles
    wednesday: 100 meter repeats
    thursday: 2 miles
    friday: 2 miles
    saturday: hills
    sunday: rest

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    There are a lot of variables to this and some of them and are your natural abilities and others are your own doing. You are 22 and 215lbs. How tall are you? What is your current training regimen? Are your current scores based on a one minute assessment or two minute assessment? Do you use a block (4 inch stop from the ground) or are the push ups chest to ground?

    For running and lifting my thoughts are this and this is only if your are currently comfortable with your current running program. If your current running schedule is difficult for you then you have some work to do.

    Monday: Strength work (Front squats, pull ups, push press or bench press), Finish up with 3x800m intervals at 15 seconds sub goal pace. Walk for 2 minutes between efforts.
    Tuesday: Easy 2 mile run
    Wednesday: Explosive work (Power cleans, Box Jumps, KB Swings, moderate volume Dead Lifts ie. sets of 8), Finish up with 3x800m intervals at 15 seconds sub goal pace. Walk for 2 minutes between efforts
    Thursday: Off
    Friday: Run 3-5 miles (Increase as you build endurance). This should be done at an easy conversational pace.
    Saturday: Calisthenic work ie. 20 minutes of 2 pull ups, 7 push ups, 10 air squats.

    You can play around as needed but this gives you strength work, power endurance and work that directly correlates with what you will see at the academy. Also, you are learning to run faster along with building some endurance. Take it easy on the heavy strength work and burning out on the 800m repeats. They can both be taxing and negatively affect your overall training if done too hard and for too long. I would only deadlift once every week at a moderate weight or once every two weeks at a heavy weight ie. 6x3 at 85% of max. Don't want to blow your CNS as your adding volume.

    See this link and look around on there. I have used a wide array of there stuff as well as their regular programming.

    And no, I am not associated with them.
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