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  • Keto/Atkins

    Just wanted to write a quick post for others that may be struggling to lose weight. I am a big dude.. played O-line in college and have held onto the weight. After graduating I've tried (unsuccessfully) to drop the extra weight without luck. I'm comfortable working out and how to eat clean (so I thought), but couldn't crack more than 10#. I'm very into researching different things (guns, knives, martial arts etc.).

    One of my buddies wives came and did a presentation about keto and I was somewhat skeptical. I decided to dive in and see what it was all about. This was last November or so and I decided to give it a whirl starting Jan 1 (cliche I know, but easy to track this way). I'm happy to say that since the New Year I've lost 40#, the first week was about 15# due to all the water weight being dumped. Some things about this style of eating that really surprised me: how full I stay throughout the day, how much more energy I have, how much better I sleep (wake less often and dream a lot more) and lastly how relatively easy it is. One of the biggest things about dieting that has been hard is shift work. I'll get stuck on a call, everything closes and I'm stuck eating frozen pizza or gas station food. I don't really get hungry eating this way because your body runs on stored fat instead of sugar (glucose/carbs).

    Anyways, just thought I'd share if there are others that are looking to dump some lbs and haven't had luck doing the typical eat less/run more approach. One of the surprising aspects about Keto is how freely available the info is. No secret squirrel program to pay $100/mo for or whatever. Most of what I've learned/done can be found free on www.reddit.com/r/keto or if you prefer going the Atkin's route his new diet revolution book can be had for $4ish used on amazon. Any questions, feel free to ask!
    In Valor there is hope

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