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  • Increase your brain

    I was listening to the radio and heard about this. I have been doing a 5k once a week for several months now. Guess I need to run more.
    Aerobic exercise triggers new cell growth in region of brain linked to recollection, study finds

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    Running is my Zen. When I run, I can work through a lot of things, especially when I start hitting some good distances.
    Originally posted by kontemplerande
    Without Germany, you would not have won World War 2.


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      I wish it was my zen. I exercise to live not the other way around. I have a coworker that is a running freak. He ran the Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon in just a little over 15 hours. NO THANK YOU. It is all I can do with the 5k I do every Tuesday.


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        Watercress has function to recover brain cells, and improve brain activities to avoid dangerous disease like loosing mind. The health benefits of watercress have been known for centuries, but it isn’t a herb you hear about very often. Watercress is a popular European leafy green herb that grows along springs and slow running water streams. It has a faint pepper taste to it, and has been used in ancient times for medicinal uses in Europe, Central Asia and the Americas. It is closely related to mustard greens, garden cress, cabbage and arugula. We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for your brain development, but it seems that watercress is even better than we might think. In Ancient Greece, watercress was not just used to help with children, but also was believed to be a food that aided intellectual stimulation. This leafy herb contains more vitamin C than some fruit and vegetables! You can get over 72% of your daily vitamin C from just 100 grams of watercress leaves. Vitamin C helps to scavenge free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Vitamin C not only helps boost your immunity against infection, but it also helps prevent iron deficiency anemia, and helps maintain bone health and keep skin supple and radiant looking. Watercress is also rich in B vitamins which help to relieve stress, treat anxiety and depression, aid in memory and relieve PMS. Some B vitamins also help cells burn fats and glucose for energy, whereas others help make serotonin (the feel-good neurotransmitter created in our brain). Not only do B vitamins do all aforementioned, but they also assist with the production and repair of DNA!


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