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  • Physical Agility Test

    I'm currently a police reserve office and I'm 6'4 about 275-280 and wanting some advice to get back into shape so I can pass the physical agility test with most departments. My biggest struggle is not the 1.5 mile walk/run but the push up/situps requirement and the bench press test. I am used to working with machines and not free weights hardly at all so I need direction on where to start and the best recommend way to get into shape where I can hit 30 pushups and situps and bench about 150 with no problem. The last time I used free weights and keeping in mind I did not concentrate in that area I was under 100 and that was a bit of a struggle.

    Any advice would be appreciated...

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    push ups and bench consist (primarily) of of the pectoral muscles, shoulders and triceps. Strengthening all three will help you out big time. You don't have to be able to sit on a bench and max out, you just need to do a weight routine that works out each muscle group. For your chest I would suggest cable crossovers, dumbell flies, incline/decline flies. Shoulders is a matter of doing lateral raises. Remember to keep your elbow at a slight bend so you don't over stress ligaments. Triceps you got the cable push down, skull crushers, over head tricep extensions. And doing 3-5 sets of push ups until failure, 3x a week will be very beneficial for you. If you want to talk some more, just PM me. Good Luck Brother
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