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  • help with shin splints

    Hey guys, I'm in the academy now about 2 months in.. and I have been having this bad pain in my left leg towards the bottom running up the inside.. It's hurt now for about 3 weeks and I have been fighting through it. I just figured I pulled something. I came across this website http://www.eorthopod.com/eorthopodV2...6739e1/area/19 which is exactly what I feel. Has anyone had this problem? I really don't want to miss the academy or end up having to drop because it gets worse. I'm thinking maybe some ice? Thanks for any input. I'm going to notify a pt instructor just as a heads up.

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    This is the writeup my wife made on the subject.

    "Shin Splint" is a catch-all phrase for lower leg pain
    triggered by exercise, usually running. The cause of the pain can
    either be the muscles (myositis), tendons (tendinitis) or the
    bone-covering sheath (periostitis.) Without a doctor's assessment,
    it is hard to determine from which you suffer.

    This is a common injury I encounter with my LA Marathon runners.
    When I treat my patients for this condition, I advise them to stop
    exercising briefly until you can resume running w/o pain.
    If you continue to exercise, it will only prolong the healing time
    and make you more prone to recurrence. REST IS THE BEST CURE !!!
    Most of my patients recover within 1-2 weeks if they rest and
    follow the following home treatment below:

    * In the acute stages of the pain (first 48-72 hours) perform
    ice massage to the affected area. Take a styrofoam cup, fill it
    half way with water, then put it into your freezer. Once frozen,
    tear off the top half of the cup, down to the ice, and use it in
    a circular motion on the affected area for 15 mintues, 3-4 times
    a day and before/after exercise. This "ice cup" method of treatment
    combines both ice and compression for reduced swelling. You can
    also take ibuprofen to minimize discomfort and reduce the swelling.

    * After the first 48-72 hours, you can apply moist heat instead
    of ice if it feels better and gives you better results than the
    ice. Only use MOIST HEAT, i.e. baths, hot soaks or the shower - never
    use a heating pad !!! A heating pad will just dehydrate the muscle and
    aggrevate the condition.

    TO PREVENT AN ANTERIOR (frontal) SHIN SPLINTS - raise the heel
    of your running shoe with 1/8 inch adhesive felt. This is available
    in the medical section of most Sav-on type stores - ask the pharmacist
    if you are unable to find it.

    TO PREVENT POSTERIOR (rear) SHIN SPLINTS - wear an extra pair of
    socks and run with the body as erect as possible (minimize leaning
    forward.) Try not to run on the tips of your feet and use a more
    rounded "strike pattern."

    If you would like to "brace" the leg - take an ACE bandage and
    criss-cross it over the anterior half of the lower leg. Is will
    help reduce swelling while you run, but should not be used
    exessively as it can cause muscle atrophy (deterioration) over time.

    *** REMEMBER USE "RICE": Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation ***
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    For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/


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      opps.. i'm dumb.
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        that is some great "shin splint" recovery adive. that is some of the best I have read in a while. Good adive. I'm going to copy that and save it to my hard drive. that was good info. I like that
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