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going in the right direction??


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  • going in the right direction??

    Today was my second day going to the gym. I finally got to the gym on Wednesday and went again earlier today. I've been doing some running the past couple weeks, and went ahead to the gym to join. I haven't joined yet, but will next week I think. Anyway, here is what I've done...

    It's all been on hydraulic machines. That's the most that they have, and I did not have anyone to even attempt the free weights. All the people doing the frees were pretty big and I didn't feel like that was for me at this point. Before I haven't lifted weights in a gym for a good number of years.

    When on the machines, I would pick a weight and do a rep. If it was comfortable, but not too comfortable, I'd do 20 of them. Take a quick breather, then 15, then 10. And that was it for that machine. I did probably 6-7 different machines working most all of the upper body. In between each machine I would do 25 crunches on the machine and 25 of the ones that you go backwards on I guess for lower back. Before starting on machines I would do 50 on each of the crunch machines. Wed. I would say I was working out for 40 minutes, and did alittle run on one of the mills there. Today was probably only 25 minutes, I ran out of time.

    Am I going in the right direction? I could def. feel it Thursday morning and throughout the day. I felt one muscle in particular that I had the most trouble with still today, but it's better since doing some more lifting today.


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    Sounds like the right direction to me, just remember to not work the same muscle groups every day, work them every other day. The only one that can handle being worked out every day are the abs.
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      Well I went Wed and today, Fri. I think me and my buddy are going to run MWF and lift Tue, Thu, and Sat. Is that too much or sound about right for a schedule.


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