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  • Bicep Program

    Wanted to know if you guys had any good Bicep programs? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    How much do you squat?
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      300.....325...not that much


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        Biceps are mostly show muscles and they should be a much lower priority then other muscle groups. Unless you are a competitive bodybuilder focus on the compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench, and pull-ups that develop the larger muscle groups of your body. Even when you look atr arms alone, triceps are a much more important component of strength than the biceps.

        That being said, going heavey on one arm-dumbell rows, tbar rows or barbell rows will develop your biceps and your back muscles. Neutral grip (where your hands face each other) pull-ups or machine pull downs are also excellent compound exercises that will hit the biceps. Do a few sets of barbell/dumbell/ hammer curls afterwards and yous should have sufficient bicep development.

        IMHO if you do some heavy rows and neutral grip pull-ups you shouldn't need more than about 6 sets of curls per week. Just don't be one of those guys who does 20 sets of curls in the squat rack every day


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          I utlise "7s" they are completed with a ez bar whilst standing, you have your arms fully extended down move the bar to your sole aplexis and down again for 7 reps then on the last one hold it at your sole a plexis then curl upwards loocking arms into side curling to under your chin and then to the sole aplexis again for 7 reps, then complete 7 full curls then rest and do again for another 2 sets. Also I use preacher curls and hammer curls for forearms again 3 sets of all three


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            I agree with everything Bigpat said except the "show muscles" thing. I mean after all isn't getting big and looking good the point? If pure sports perfromance is the goal I would do a kettle bell/crossfit type program because there is no bench or squat rack on the street. That being said I also only do a few sets. Here's my general guidline:

            1. Arm specific excersies only once a week for only about six sets.
            2. Vary the exercises and rep range constantly.
            3. Form is the name of the game when doing arms.
            4. Allways improve or find something else.

            I find there is about a one inch difference in my arm size(less) when I don't do specific arm work. That's a lot.

            Yesterday I did:
            1.Under hand chins w/weight 3 sets
            2. Curl 1 set
            3. Dumbell curl w/pronation 2 sets

            I do close grip bench on chest day and dips on tri day other wise I am not doing any specific work to give my elbows a break.
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              well seeing as biceps are in question, i wont sit here and say "biceps arnt this that or the other blahzay blahzay"
              im a fan of 21's...
              basically like the 7's explained above, but after you complete the first two 7's follow it up with a standard curl at 7 reps... 21 total reps... and i you can hack it, move up in weight and try another set.


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                I have a huge problem building my biceps. I have 17 inch arms. My triceps are huge and I have big forearms, but the biceps just won't "bulk". Anything besides curls I can do?
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                  Originally posted by TrainingDay_KY
                  I have a huge problem building my biceps. I have 17 inch arms. My triceps are huge and I have big forearms, but the biceps just won't "bulk". Anything besides curls I can do?
                  yeah... grab some NO-Xplode... if you have a golds gym local to you... they have a 3 set machine that works the 3 main tissue sections of the bicep...
                  each plate location targets the front of the bicep, middle of the bicep and top(closest to the shoulder) of the bicep... its by far the most intense bicep machine i have ever used...
                  next time im at golds, ill get the info on it for ya...


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