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    Like the title says, today was my first run to start training. I'm running with a long time friend of mine going into the FD. We just ran in the neighborhood. Started and got alittle over half a mile, and I felt like I needed to walk for a minute. I didn't want to push myself too much. We walked, then turned around and ran back to my house for about another half. So all in all I'd say got a mile of running in this morning.

    My question is....Is this going in the right direction? Afterwards I felt bad, going up my steps felt really weird, like feet weighed a ton. Took a shower afterwards and still kind of feel the burn in my legs, not bad though. Also, normal to feel alittle in your upper body? I'm assuming so as you do use that some in running too.

    We are running Mon, Wed, and Fri. I won't even be thinking of applying for another year, as I still have about 40 credit hours to finish up. Should I just keep at this until that time, and run until I feel like I did today, no matter the distance?

    Also, I know it depends on the individual, but how long before I notice a real difference in my endurance? How long do you think I could go the whole mile straight without stopping and still have enough energy to keep going. I see all this running 3-5 miles non-stop and wish to get to that goal. Any other tips? Thanks

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    Yes, if you are running in the first place after not running at all, you are going in the right direction. That's my sage advice.

    Check out www.runnersworld.com. Click on the training tab, and then on the beginner's sub-topic. There's lots of good stuff in there that'll give you something to read for a while.
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      Yeah, you can't beat runnersworld for teh best advice.

      Like anything else it is baby steps first. It is good that you have a buddy with you to keep each other motivated.

      You wil see improvements in no time.
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        Keep motivated. You'll notice improvements everyday and in no time you'll be able to run a mile at a comfortable pace without stopping.

        Make sure you consult a professional at a sports store that specializes in running shoes for runners. (If you have that in your city or town) Proper footwear is essential if you're going to log a lot of miles in them.



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