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  • main focus?

    Ok guys/gals. I've read a few things on here about fitness, but still at a loss. I have not done any weight lifting at all since high school, and haven't run seriously in a while. Some must be saying wow, must be small. Well I am, but stronger than I come across. I worked construction for 3 years, so it was kind of like a minimal workout everyday. Anyway, here are my questions...

    1. Is it true to not combine running/endurance with strength building?

    2. I've started doing that Navy SEALS training list I got online. What can I add to that to help. It involves sit ups, push ups and pull ups currently. Also, what is that improving exactly? Is it endurance as well as toning and some strength?

    3. I'm going to do free weights at my home, I have all the things I should need already. I'm going to be doing benching, curls, whatever it is where the bar goes over behind your head and you extend arms up...what else should I mainly concentrate on?

    4. If I combine running and weights, should I do weights like Mon, Wed, and Fri, and run the other days in between? I would be waking up in the morning way before my first class, so it can be any day for running.

    Know it's a lot of questions, but if I can get some answers that'll help me out tremendously. Thanks

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    I just joined that yahoo group, should have before posting. Lots of information on there I'm reading through, still any advice (mainly on weights now) is more than welcome.


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