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    Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip. Two scoops in a sugar cone.
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      Originally posted by lsmalibu
      In-N-Out Double Double with extra onions, fries and a large Dr Pepper.
      Oh man, you hit it. In-N-Out is choice, I especially like their fries. Too bad the closest In-N-Out is 25 miles away. No no, now that I think about it, that is a GOOD thing!
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        We dont have In-N-Out around here...are they even on the east coast? I wish i could try one...i hear alot about their burgers.

        We have The Charcoal Pit, which makes great burgers, flame-cooked.

        I also love cheesesteaks...with fried onions and pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese And some nice cheese-fries, or onion rings...and the arteries scream "NO MAS!!"

        Another thing i crave is Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad...it probably would be moderately healthy, but i think the dressing is 1/2 sugar


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          Originally posted by Jellybean400
          We dont have In-N-Out around here...are they even on the east coast? I wish i could try one...i hear alot about their burgers.
          Not at the moment, just in California, Arizona and Nevada. But if you're smart, you'll start a letter-writing campaign to their corporate headquarters to get them out to NJ.
          *Not a cop*


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            i would have to say chips, probably taco chips with thay cheese dip, damn that stuff is awesome!


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              God you all are making me hungry!! I think I gained weight just reading the replies..hahaha

              Anyways, i like Blizzards from Dairy Queen!!! Someone mentioned the puffy Cheetos...you can eat like a whole bag of those and not feel hungry! Jelly Beans, Sugar Babies, and those Samoa Girl Scout Cookies. I hate to say it but I can down a whole box of those in one sitting!!

              Luckily I run and workout or I would probably have some major "holster hips"!! The bad thing is after I have a good workout I get these cravings for junk food!!! Hahaha
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                I will eat absolutely anything that is concidered food.

                My favorite thing to eat (or overeat)

                Sushi rolls
                chocolates (esp. valentines heart chocolates)


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