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  • Metabolife?

    I was wondering if it is "okay" to use dietary supplements such as Metabolife to aid in losing weight? (I'm not talking about the one w/Ephedra) the kind you can buy in any grocery store.

    My concern is when you take a drug test/Physical will this show up as something negative and do you need to tell them or should I avoid using it at all because of this reason?

    My only concern is if it is frowned upon and will it cause me to fail a drug test? I don't know anything about drugs legal or not and this is the only thing I take besides a multi-vitamin. I don't want to come this far and fail a test ya know what I mean.

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    No, you won't fail the drug test, but my advise is simple, eat balanced small meals throughout the day, run and hit the weights. Don't expect some pill to loose the weight for you.
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      You won't fail the drug test but I would advise against them as well. There ha been very little proven to show that those pills do anything to significantly affect your weight. Most of them are just caffine pills or bigger names for caffine pills and they don't do much except to make your heart race much faster than normal. Just run and lift and you will do fine.
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        I think Metabolife has Ma-Huong in it..with is just as bad as Ephedra....its a natrural herb, so it has not been tested enough.
        It has stimulant qualities and you can get so jittery...you wont want to eat...thats how it works.

        Dont take any of that crap...just eat better and exercise.
        I worked for a weight loss company many years ago.....we swore by one product that had Ma Huang in it....a load of malarkee.


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          The world is looking for a quick fix for this problem. Unless you want to get into serious drugs with serious side effects or surgery, do it the old fashioned way. Eat sensibly and exercise. There is nothing better.
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