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Bonkin big time on the running


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  • Bonkin big time on the running

    Hey fellow board mates, hope all are doing well with our fitness routines. I have a problem I want to share and see if anyone has a resolve for me.

    Up to a 2 weeks ago I was running on a fairly scheduled basis, had good times, was bringing my endurance up, all was well.

    Then I had to leave for a week for some work related stuff. In that time period I was on the go the whole time, was in the northeast so it was cold as hell and couldnt run outside, I would get to my hotel room and crash.

    Now that I am back though, I cant get moving at all, I forced myself onto the treadmill this morning and said "F It" and I went and hit some light weights.


    Does anyone have any recommendations.



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    Similar thing happened to me a week or two ago and I just couldn't get on an run my distance running that I had planned. What helped me was doing intervals. My suggestion is to try to do a different running rutine/program, your body might just be bored of that same run you've been doing. Intervals worked well for me cause I only had to run for a few minutes and then i got to rest then only had to run for a few minutes.... instead of one long run i broke it down mentally to one short run then a walk then I started over. Now I am back in to it a lil better now. Or try changing the scenery a bit, and go run in a different neightborhood or park, that always helps too. Good Luck.
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      You're not bonking, you're just in a bit of a slump. You just spent a week travelling, sleeping in a hotel room, juggling a demanding schedule, in a part of the country colder than what you're used to.

      It sounds like your running was on-track and regular before your trip, and my guess is that once you get back into your regular routine again and recover physically and mentally from the trip, you'll be good-to-go on the running again also.

      Try running outside, or out on a trail, or on a different road route than what you normally run. Or try to talk one of your buddies short-term into running with you to get you back into your normal routine.

      Deliberately make the effort to START your run on a regular basis (even if you don't FEEL like running). And if you have to cut the runs short for a few more weeks that's OK. As your normal, everyday "life" routines will get back to normal, your running probably will too.

      Also - next time you head out of town pick a hotel that has either a) a gym that you can catch a quick run at or b) a hotel that actually has treadmills that can be placed in your room so you can run privately. Even a quick 15 or 20 minute run will help to keep your running motivation stoked (and your energy level up) while you're away from home.


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        I know what you mean... You get that big long weekend break or you go away for a few days and you come back. You just dont feel like doing a darned thing...
        The only thing that really motivates me to get back out running is feeling guilty about splurging on my backside all weekend... does not sound like that is gonna work for you...
        My suggestion would be to start slow again. You dont have to pick up right where you left off.
        I dont think an easy answer is going to come for you... in the end you are just going to have to force yourself out running again.... Once you do you will feel the benefits again and your body will start craving it again...

        Good LUCK!
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          My motivation for running is the opening of a COPS episode where a black officer and a couple others in their green sheriff vests are chasing after this guy and the black officer is bookin like crap through a goose. I picture that while I run, it gets me moving for some reason.
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            Have a friend who was in the military play drill instructor and scream in your face... that outta do it.


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              You may want to change things up a bit....ever try the elipitcal machine for a 30 minute or longer workout? That's what I've done to get back into the running routine. Start out at a low level 3 or 4, work up to a 5 or 6, add in a bit (10+) minutes of running or fast walking on the treadmill after to cool down. Go lift weights or work out on the circuit trainers, lost 34#'s since Oct '04, increased endurance significantly, reduced resting heart rate by 14 bpm.

              Back to running both on the treadmill, outside (weather permitting - live in MN) and eliptical machine.

              Good luck!


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                To get back in your groove you may try a run/walk workout until you are back up to speed. Try starting out by walking 2 min then running for 1. Continue alternating the length of your workout. As things get easier start increasing your run interval and shorten your walk interval. Use whatever combination works best for you. Within a very short time you will be back up to speed and can eliminate the walking portion. Good Luck!
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                  Here is a tip don


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                    I think I'm bonked on running for good. I'm up to 250lbs and the 20 rep squats are just leaving my legs too tired. The elipitical is working fine but my running base pace has gone from 8 min miles to 11 min. My knees are bothering me too. I'm gonna try it again but beating my head against the wall doing something that isn't working for me is a waste of time and is stupid. My resting HR is in the 40's so the eliptical may not help me run far and fast but it serves the purpose of good carciovascular health.


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