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  • pushups

    I am trying to get in shape for the physical ability test and am having some trouble with pushups. For the test I will be required to do between 21 and 35 "correct" (body in a straight line) pushups, each one low enough to touch a 4 inch foam block to my chest. To prepare I have been doing as many correct pushups as possible, then when I can't do anymore I do as many pushups on my knees as possible. I do about 8 sets of these every other day. I have not been making as much progress as I would like. If anyone can give me some ideas of how I should motify my routine I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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    When you say you're doing 8 sets every other day, how many regular and how many modified push ups are we talking about? I would recommend your present routine. Push to failure on the regular pushups then do the same on the modified. If you have access to a gym add some upper body exercises to your routine. Another thing we do at the academy is a pyramid set. 1-rest-2-rest-3-rest- up to 10 and then back down. Rest is 10-15 seconds.
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      Well Im sure you can get tons of advise on this one, but here's my 2 cents. If you have access to a gym or wieghts: work on chest, upper chest and triceps. These help out most on push ups. Do light to medium weight (for you) / 3-4 sets start with high reps and decrease as you do more sets - ie set 1)10-15 reps, 2)10-12, 3)8-10, 4) 6-8

      Do push ups to failure then do negatives. start in the up position and slowly let yourself down and try to make it last at least 5-10 seconds. Try about 5 after your failure set then as time goes by add a couple.

      Make sure you push yourself and also make sure you get rest. Every other day should be good and alternate your workout. Good luck


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        Try different hand placement...wider or narrower...higher or lower. If you move you hands in relation to your chest you work differnet muscles and it may be a lot easier for you to move your hands an inch or two. Works for me.
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          Thanks guys. Another question, how long should i rest between sets? Is a minute too long?


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            a minute of rest isnt a bad thing, depending on what kind of routine you are doing. I personally rest only 30 seconds between sets because I get bored sitting around for a whole minute watching my watch
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              hmmmm.... push ups.... the last time I did them was ummmm... nevermind *efg* lmmo
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                I went to the fire supply store and got a training vest, it has slot on it and about 30 small weights on it that can be added or removed as needed, it's to simulate wearing all their equipment, i wore it while running and push ups, doesn't work for sit ups. If you use that thing for a while when doing push ups then do push ups w/o it it almost feels like you aren't even trying, huge difference pretty quickly.
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                  Pushup bars (or free weights) can help. Elevated pushups on a chair or ball can help. Adjusting your hand position, as brought up already, can help too.

                  The weight vest is also an option... just dont' start out with all the weight in it.
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                    Been doing pushups myself lately, want to be in decent (Sp) shape for the correction's academy I hope to be in soon. I know whether I am doing enough or not my chest muscles are sore as well as my biceps so something must be getting a work out. heh
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                      COUNTING PUSHUPS

                      You will find that this really really helps....

                      Count your pushups in your head 1,2,3,1 1,2,3,2, (down, up, down, up)etc.

                      Basically I only have to reach 50 in my head to actually do 100 pushups.

                      Also, don't let the person counting for you count out loud. I know that throws me off.


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                        Get a partner, put a belt around your chest have partner straddle you when you reach your limit have partner pull you up by the belt and do as many more as possible(same concept as spotting you on the bench)


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                          I agree with all the suggestions on the board... so I wont repeat them.

                          My suggestion would also be to stay motivated. Sounds like you are working really hard. Results do not come over night, they take a lot of hard work, time and consistency.

                          Good LUCK!
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                            Originally posted by BlountJustinC
                            (i am not a cop) this isn't a police only forum is it?
                            Nope, open to all. Thanks for the advice!


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                              Great suggestions, esp the pyramid or "ladder" routine. While in order to get better at pushups, you will need to do more of them, don't neglect other bodyweight excercises as well, such as pullups, ab work and squats. Pushups are actually a full body excercise, and the strengthening of the legs, abs and back will help your PU numbers. Variety is VERY important. Also, try this pushup circuit if you wish:

                              between chairs

                              Do as many regular pushups as you can 1 or two short of failure, then move on to the wide grip, etc. no rest repeat 5 times. You can also vary the order as well from set to set. Good luck on you test.

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