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  • Is it possible....

    I used to smoke about a pack a day and I only smoked for about a year or so. Well, thank god I quit that but I started chewing tobacco to take away those cravings. I stopped smoking and started chewing a little over a year ago. I began running and doing a lot of cardio as well. A few years ago I was in great shape. I played basketball all the time and I was very active and lifting weights. I have had a few surgeries and now 6 years later, I am not nearly the person I used to be when I graduate highschool (go figure). But it seems now that I am chewing and running it is so hard for me to get my times down in the 4-6 miles that I run. It seems as if I have hit a plateau. It just seems to me that I can not get my cardio better. I was wondering if it was possible that chewing could somehow affect my breathing? It's obvious that smoking would but I am curious about chewing. The only thing I have going for me right now is that I am trying to quit chewing. I will kick it in about a month, but does anyone know if it is possible tha is what is messing me up? thanks.
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    The only way I can think of chewing affecting your breathing is if they have to remove your jaw because of cancer, which might actually improve the air flow quite a bit.

    Anyway, I pretty sure you plateau is simply a matter of an ineffective workout, your body adapting to the one your on or both. Lots of posts on running here.


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      If chewing has as many chemicals in it as smoking, it's probably not helping your body at all.
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