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First day of the workout book...


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  • First day of the workout book...

    Today I started my first day of a new book I bought after reading a prior post. I bought a Navy Seal fitness book by Mark De Lisle, 12 weeks to better than ever... (Thanks Mikis)
    WOW These exercises smoke your body. I thought I was in shape, although I need to drop 20 lbs, I run 3 miles every day at a 7:30 minute mile. This workout is not like any I have done before and the exercise are basic. (I guess that's why he's a SEAL) Anyhow. I'll keep you informed on how it goes. I'm pretty good at following things through, so I'm hoping for some great results. While were on the subject, if you go to


    they have a log that you can keep track of your running miles for the year. It's an easy way to follow your training.....

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    Good to hear Vegas. Yeah, it's a tiresome workout, but you will find that you will increase the # of pull-ups and push-ups pretty quickly. I've been doing it for 13 months and still sweat buckets every time. The key is to keep increasing reps, time, weight (if u strap on weight to ur body for dips/pullups). It's pretty fun


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      Sounds like a killer....much prefer a nice pie instead.VM your profile says you wont accept a PM,is it ok if you PM me an email address for a brother officer to ask a couple of Q'S re Vegas??
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        I am able to take PM's now...


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          take a look at cross fit.http://crossfit.com/


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            I've been on this Crossfit website and it all seems like too much of a hassle to go through. Am I missing the picture????? Give me a nice, no-nonsense workout that will parallel my Marine Corps training, lol.
            Why are there so many babies on O.com? Creole, you and your buddy JPSO Recruit help me out on this one....

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              In crossfit you perform a variety of exercises. It keeps it interesting you never know what the workout of the day will be.

              There are substitutes for exercises that you can look up under the comments section or the frequently asked questions at the bottom right of the page.

              The problem with most exercise programs is you plateau after awhile. When you do crossfit they have a variety of exercise routines that keep you from plateauing.

              crossfit training provides you with the ability to have two minutes of a hard core two minute fight. Of course if the intensity of your fight is less your stamina will be longer.


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