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    I have a question about running, I have been running for about a month now and I am running two miles in roughly 15-16 mins, but I don't run the whole thing and have to walk at times because of "exercise induced asthma". I am also overweight, but what I want to know is if that is a decent time for running two miles in? My main goal is to try and run the whole two miles without stopping, if anyone can give me any advice that would be great. Thanks in advance

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    That isn't a bad time for the 2 miler, especially if you are stopping to walk. Maybe you are running to fast to begin with and this gets you winded. Go to an outdoor track or a trail which is marked every 1/4 mile and run at a 2min 1/4 pace (this is 1 lap of the track). Alternatively you could just use a treadmill and keep the same pace. If 2min 1/4 is too fast then make it a 2:15 1/4 mile until you can complete 2 miles without stopping.

    Army 2 mile run standards

    One thing you should already know. Always check with your physican before undertaking any exercise program...
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      I have knee injuries that really hit me in long runs, and sometimes even sprints. I have a comparable time to yours, which meets WA standards, but it can definitely be a chore sometimes. I vary my energy levels when I run (or do cardio in general), this keeps me steady, but also helps you so that you don't feel like you have to take a knife to your side to dig the nails out when you're done running.

      Do other cardio as well...stationary cycle is great to help with cardio endurance, and a little tip: doing cardio first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast will burn body fat 4x faster than cardio later in the day. This is because when there's food in your stomach your body draws energy from food to burn, but if you've had nothing to eat for hours on end like when you wake up it draws it directly from your body's stored fat cells. Go for a quick run or even jog right when you get up, but after you drink some water.

      This will help both things, and also remember that 25-20 minutes of just cardio (biking, stationary cycle, sitting cycle, hell, even jumping jacks) will really help your endurance when you're doing other things like running and sprinting.
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        Around here the required for 1.5 miles is anywhere from 13-16 minutes. I have asthma also, and am a little overweight try running a block and then walking a block, then move up to run two, walk one eventually you'll be running the entire time. That's what has worked better for me.... I've lost 15 lbs with just doing the PT at the academy, and defence tactics for a month.

        Good Luck.


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          I used to run Cross Country and Track in College (best 2 mile: 9:41)

          The first and foremost problem I see with people "trying to get in shape" by running is over-doing it early, and getting burned out. I don't neccesarily mean each run, but over the course of a few weeks.

          So many people start their runs hard, only to have to stop in the middle.

          This is a sign that maybe you need to slow your longer runs down a bit, and supplement them with some faster, sprint training to keep your speed.

          By mixing up your workouts (instead of running the same route over and over, day in, day out) you'll stay motivated.

          If you are overwieght (or underweight, doesn't matter) consider finding a route where you can run primarily on grass. You'll get a better workout, and your knees will thank you! Another idea is to cross-train on a bike or pool-run (which I can explain if you want).

          By staying consistant, and not doing too much too soon, you'll improve no matter what..

          Finally, keep a positive attitude. If running wasn't supposed to hurt (and I can only imagine how much more it hurts with Asthmatic symtoms!) everyone would be a marathoner. While you are running, don't think about "oh shoot, 10 more minutes," or "I may need to stop in a sec" because you will dwell on these negatives. Instead think about how good your knees are feeling today, how your wife will be so proud of your dedication, or even how while you are out in the cold - or on a treadmill - most everyone else is just sitting there getting fat... whatever it takes to keep you going and staying in a positive mindset. Eventually, you will pump out a consistant 2-mile run, non-stop, and you will go "Damn... I did it."

          Keep it up, and have a good one!



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