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Psych & Medical--What gets you ruled out?


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  • Psych & Medical--What gets you ruled out?

    I just received my conditional offer for reserve officer and have the psych and medical exams coming up. I wondered what sorts of things get you disqualified. Obviously, if you've got advanced heart disease or outbursts of uncontrollable rage, you're not going to pass. What are some of the less serious disqualifiers?


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    I think any disease/disorder whatsoever that would not allow you to perform your duties would take you out medically.

    As for psych, I've heard it's basically up in the air. Just be honest is the best advice. I've heard from a former city officer (which is where I'm applying in Jan.) one of the questions was "Would you rather admire a piece of fine art or a well made gun?". Honestly I'd've answered art had I not heard this question b/c I don't want them to think I'm a nut, but he answered gun and got the job, so just be honest, don't BS 'em.
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      Each agency has its own list of physical tasks you are expected to be able to perform as part of the job. What they are will vary from agency to agency. For example, an agency at the ocean, or on a river or at a lake may require you to be able to swim a certain distance pulling a person behind you, while an agency in a landlocked area may not have such a requirement.

      In addition, your state's commission on peace officer standards and training may have minimum physical qualifications for peace officers on a statewide basis.

      The whole point here is any condition that renders you medically unable to perform those tasks will get you bounced. Ask you agency for their list of minimum physical requirements and you will have a good idea if you are going to pass or not based on your knowledge of your own medical history.
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