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  • Sore muscles

    Okay, I was wondering beings I am sore today....Anyone know any good tips how to get rid of or help sore muscles.
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    stretch really good, that works for me


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      Tiger Balm for small areas or Wal Mart ultra strength muscle cream, them jump in the shower... youll swear your on fire... but makes ya feel better, or maybe it just takes your mind off the initial pain, yea thats self empowerment!


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        Make sure to drink lots of water. Then take Ibuprofin (it is an anti-inflammatory). Start taking in vitamin C on a regular basis...helps move the bad acids along.
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          DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) refers to the type of soreness that you don't notice while exercising (but rather, feel a day or so after your workout).

          Rather than being associated specifically with lactic acid build-up, some of the recent research suggests that this soreness is associated with very small tears in the connective tissues that hold individual muscle fibers together within the muscle (as well as tears to the membrane of muscle cells). More than ya wanted to know, huh. Sorry.

          On an anecdotal basis, I can tell you what's worked for me:

          1. Stretching at the end of every workout (skipped this for MANY years - but is becoming much more important as I get older - now I actually do what I've always told everyone ELSE to do!)

          2. Heat - mainly in the form of warm showers

          3. More stretching

          4. A lower intensity workout the next time or two out - normal workouts (running, lifting, whatever it is I usually do), but at a lower/slower intensity. Even if I feel too sore to workout, I force myself to do it anyway (and I ALWAYS feel better physically when I'm done)

          5. More hot showers and more stretching

          Muscle soreness is just the price you pay for "doing business" - it's usually very short term, your body will adapt, and assuming you're just "sore" and not "injured" you'll get over it fairly quickly.
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            I take amino acid pills before and after workouts. They help build back the muscle tissue you tear when working out. Seems to help the soreness a lot better than if I don't take them.


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              the best thing to take is Glutamine powder 2 tabl spoons afer work out. I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years, and currently own my own nutrition shop.

              good luck


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                Originally posted by jdgeroy
                Make sure to drink lots of water. Then take Ibuprofin (it is an anti-inflammatory). Start taking in vitamin C on a regular basis...helps move the bad acids along.
                and streach before and after you workout to get rid of the lactic acid that causes the soreness
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