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What's Your 1.5 mile Run Time?


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  • What's Your 1.5 mile Run Time?

    I currently can make it in 18 minutes stressing the hell out of my heart.

    260 lbs

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    I normally do it in about 12 minutes, give or take around 30 seconds.

    From the looks of things, you need to get in better shape. 5'11 and 260 isn't healthy, and that run time is pretty bad. I know that you won't pass a physical agility test with that type of time. Look at some of the old threads on this board about starting a training program, or go over to www.newrunner.com and look around there.


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      Police - last month you posted in the General section that you were 6 feet, 250 pounds, and ran the 1.5 in 20 minutes.

      You've grown an inch, gained 10 pounds, and dropped your run time by two minutes in the past 4 weeks.

      Irregardless, you've got a lot of work ahead of you - your run time for sure. But take a look at the other components of the test also and see how you measure up - ie. do they test flexibility, body strength, body fat etc.?

      There are a LOT of resources (both on this forum as well as other sources on the internet) that can help you achieve your goals.

      I don't have any reason to run the 1.5 because I am not a cop, and I don't train at that distance - but I taught an LE class last year and did it in 12:20 (stressing the hell out of MY heart too)!

      Good luck to you.


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        ~10:40 here (was indoors, doing "laps," blah).

        My advice: work on cardio, cardio, & more cardio!

        In what amount of time must you run this 1.5 mile run? 14 mins? 12?
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          14:30 i think but for sure under 15:00, i dont think ill achieve it untill i lose some pounds.


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            I'm right around 9:45 now. 6'2 195lbs I'm hoping to shave a little more time off if possible.
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              11:10 and I am 35
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                I'm 6'3", weight a little over 230lbs, and are 33 yrs old. My run averages about 10:00 give or take 30 seconds depending on what my training is focusing on.


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                  Holding a long line attached to my 4 legged partner - 8 or so minutes. Without my partner ....about 13 minutes.
                  go ahead and run...my k-9 partner loves the exercise


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                    The last time I ran it, it hadn't been for about 6 months and I did it in 13:46. I am starting to work on that time. I want to do it in less than 12:00.
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                      1.5mi @ about 12min. With more of my exercise routine concentrated on cardio I am sure I could bring that time down.


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                        Im a 24 Y/O female and my time is 11min 30 sec for a mile and a half. I would too suggest to you that you need to start running more and eating healthy. For my academy test we had to run the mile and a half 13min 30sec or less!! Good luck with your training.



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                          Last time I did it. It was roughly 10:30. I'm in the process of getting hired here in Ontario, and in the pre police college fitness with the service I'm looking to get on with, we would have to do 10k's or 6.25 miles. Not sure if it's timed or not.
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                            Im running it now in 9:00, but Im only 5'11 150. I do run 4-5 times a week, and have a K9 so he keeps me going. If you want to increase your time, don't just run a bunch of miles at a slow pace. A 1.5 is actually a sprint race, so you need to put in one day a week at a track, or doing some speed workouts. I have several people in my department that were doing in the 13-14 minute range. I just got them doing some simple sprint drills, and brouhgt some times down by more than a minute in a 1 month time frame.


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                              I believe that most agencies, military and civilian, expect trainess in any program to run somewhere in the 8 minute/mile range. If you're in that area, you should be good to go for 1.5 or up to 5-6 miles.

                              Like K9bronco said, don't focus on 1.5 mile runs to make improvements. Here's a training suggestion:

                              Run 4 times a week.
                              1st day: 2-3 miles at medium pace.
                              2nd day: sprint one lap(1/4 mile), jog one, for 8 laps(2 miles).
                              3rd day: 4-5 miles at a slow pace.
                              4th day: Run your 1.5 miles, shooting for a better time each cycle.

                              Don't kill yourself, and make small improvements everytime you hit the road.
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