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Torn hamstring


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  • Torn hamstring

    I have just be diagnosed with a torn right hamstring, almost to the point of a rupture. My left is ready to tear too. Why?

    1. I have scar tissue built up in my hams from chronic msucle pulls causeing fatigued muscle fibers to fire incorrectly and spasmically.

    2. I did too much interval work.

    3. I lowered my carbs too much. I don't give a rats *** what some Atkin's follower thinks, the fact is you must have carbs for proper muscle contraction and athletes need lots of carbs.

    4. Here's the big one: I did hard running on the same day I did my leg workouts.

    I now have six weeks to six months to enjoy the fruits of my self induced injury.
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    Oh man, I feel for you! Yeah, Atkins is fine if you just want to lose weight, but not if you're active. A good friend of mine used to do Iron Men a lot and he would eat a huge plate of pasta the day before any competition.

    I never worried about carbs until other factors stopped me from working out. Now I do have to watch them.

    Good luck and do what they say! You got the rest of your life to work out, but if you push it and do permanent damage, it's all over but the tears.... I know you know that, but it doesn't hurt to hear it again!
    "Life's tough, it's tougher if you're stupid." John Wayne


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      Laying off is so hard, I feel like I'm shrinking and getting slower by the minute. The swat physical is in a few weeks and I'll be able to run it but hopefully I won't have lost too much. I've read 2-3% decline per week for trained runners is the norm for an injury lay off. Total detrain at about six months. I have to run the 1.5 mile in under 12 minutes and I before I got hurt I was just starting to get it in under 10 minutes. I'm allowed to do quad work in a few weeks as long as it dosen't involve the hams. I'm also now on Celebrex and vitamin C supplements to hopefully work the scar tissue out.

      Man I'm thinking about this crap constantly and the irony is if I was taking a couple of weeks off because of vacation or whatever it wouldn't bother me a bit.


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        Damn JRT - I'm sorry to hear about your injury!!

        If you were running a 10 mins 1.5, you should be OK to get your run in in under 12 minutes in a few weeks. Can you do any pool running, or are you off cardio completely?

        I wish you the best, and I hope that you recover well. Don't be TOO quick to come back though, OK? Best wishes.


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          When I was running a lot, I kept developing shin splints... I'd lay off just long enough for them to quit hurting, then I'd run again and get hurt.

          The doctor finally put a cast on one leg. I asked if that was necessary and he said it was, but I didn't really ask the purpose of it. After 6 weeks, he took it off and I asked him then. He told me that the cast itself didn't do anything but keep me from running!
          But it worked. I had to build up my distance slowly and never had anymore problems.
          "Life's tough, it's tougher if you're stupid." John Wayne


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            I'm allowed to do quad work in a few weeks as long as it dosen't involve the hams.
            Just keep in mind that one big factor in hamstring pulls is imbalance between hams and quads and the bigger the strength difference between them the more likely the weaker group is to get a tear.

            I found that I actually liked skating or running after doing legs more than warming up cold legs. That doesn't mean there was no down side to it, because my legs weren't fresh, but I did a less intense leg day if I was skating after and that seemed to work for me.

            I think your body tends to adapt to whatever it's used to, so if you never run after training legs at all it's much more of a problem than if you do it a little once in a while and maybe adjust down the intensity of either workout (or both) that day. For me, the worst is doing legs one day and running or skating the NEXT day.

            I've written this before too, but I always found DMSO very helpful with stuff like hamstring pulls. Deep massages too.
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              Muscle imbalance isn't a problem. My hams are are quite strong. I have to use one leg at a time on the seated and lying leg curl as the weight stacks aren't enough for both.

              I was running before my leg workouts as I thought it was a good warm up. As I said before I was just doing to much and my hams are basically very fatigued. The scar tissue has to go or this will happen again. When it comes down to it I'm near my genetic potential for strength as I'm an ectomorph carrying around 230-240 pounds. I have to be more carefull as I'm constantly pushing overtraining. I mean I burnt my legs out and I was getting 6-10 days off between leg days. My running was hard but not that hard. I'm really going to have to work on making most of my runs aerobic and lay off the high intensity stuff except for short and infrequent peaking stages. If I can get 1.5 miles at a 8:00 pace with my heart rate in the 140bpm range that would be awsome. I would be able to maintain a really good base that way. That pace is 7.5 miles per hour and I can(was)do it at 7.1 so I'm almost there.

              I don't have access to a pool and in a couple of weeks I can do the bike or eliptical rider although when I was waiting for my doctor appointment I tried the rider and I felt it in my hams so I don't know.
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                JRT - just wondering how your leg is doing. Healing OK?


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                  Slow. The non injured ham is getting worse it seems and the knee on the non injured leg(left) hurts like hell from the two weeks of limping I did. My hurt ham leg is actually stronger than the left one right now. I lost almost a minute so far from my 1.5 mile time.

                  The good news is I haven't re-injured anything.... Yet.


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